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News Stories And Articles January 9th 2020




Opinion: More Evidence Uncovered Showing Iran Shot Down Passenger Plane Killing Over 170 innocent Civilians


Ukraine Government Was Investigating Arms Deals with Iran When Plane Was Shot Down by Dave Hodges


Virginia Wants to CLOSE Non-Govt. Gun Ranges and Create AMMO-FREE Zones


Newspapers Resort to Projection, Ridicule to Swindle Virginians out of Their Rights


VA Democrat Introduces Bill Making ‘High Capacity’ Mag Possession a Felony


Georgia Democrats now attempting to ban ALL semi-automatic firearms, including self-defense pistols and rifles, as anti-gun mental illness spreads


Iran has a substantial cyberwar capability: Will Tehran use it against America?


CLASSIFIED: Inside Iran’s Secret & Deadly Terror Committee; Death Squad Headed by Khomeini Decides What Gets Blown Up, Who Gets Murdered Across the Globe


While You’re Distracted By Iran, Senate Committee Passed USMCA – Now Set For Full Floor Vote To Give Away American Sovereignty


Terrorists In Iraq Fearing U.S. Targeting: Are Fleeing and Hiding After Soleimani Killing by Sara Carter


Developing: 4.9 Earthquake Strikes Near Bushehr Nuclear Plant in Iran Hours After Missile Attacks on US Bases


Ilhan Omar Rushes To Defend Iran from Trump’s Supposed ‘Economic Warfare


Virginia bill would allow birth control, vaccines for kids without parental consent


Antifa Critic Barred From Speaking By University of British Columbia


There’s more to the Benghazi cover-up… a WHOLE LOT MORE


The Justice Department Is Devoid of Justice by Paul Craig Roberts


Pelosi Brushes Off Vice President Mike Pence, Telling Him: LATER!


Democratic Party Sues Texas Over Digital Voter Registration


Hizballah in the Americas and Other Iranian Dogs That Haven’t Barked


Sen. Mike Lee Walks Out Of Classified White House Briefing Riled Up, And He Didn’t Hesitate To Say Why


Americans Receive Fake Texts Saying They’ve Been Drafted For War


‘Disgrace’: GOP congressman blasts Ilhan Omar for claiming PTSD over Iran


BREAKING: Warning Sirens in Baghdad — Three Katyusha Rockets Hit Green Zone


Rand Paul: “You’d Have To Be Brain Dead” To Think Soleimani’s Death Would ‘Deter’ Iran


Muslims Not Climate Change Cause of Australian Fires by Rev. Austin Miles


Delisted By Google For Free Speech by Kurt Nimmo


Developing: Local Iranian Claims to Take Photo of Missile Part Near Ukrainian Passenger Plane Crash Site in Tehran


Justice Ginsburg, A Four-Time Cancer Survivor, Says She’s ‘Cancer Free’


Cancer Deaths See Largest Drop On Record As Overdoses, Suicides Soar


Migrant Caravan Ad Circulating in Honduras Calls for Jan. 15 Departure


Democrat CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Seeking $750,000 in Taxpayer Money to Pay Rent for Homeless


DISGUSTING! Democrat Ilhan Omar Giggles and Jokes Behind Liberal Colleague Discussing US Casualties in Iraq (VIDEO)DISGUSTING! Democrat Ilhan Omar Giggles and Jokes Behind Liberal Colleague Discussing US Casualties in Iraq (VIDEO)


Was Marx Right about Capitalism Destroying Itself from Within?


75% Of Registered Voters Can’t Identify Iran On A Map


Arizona Woman Defies City Order, Continues To Fly ‘Trump 2020’ Flag


Child Porn Linked to Leftist Economist’s Personal IP Address


NY Times columnist Paul Krugman says hacker ‘compromised’ his IP address to ‘download child pornography’


Seven Big Problems with Universal Health Care No One Wants to Address


Coffee Chain Flips the Script on Starbucks, Invites Police Officers in for Free Drink


Breaking: Judge Just Ordered Google to Turn Over Jussie Smollett’s Entire Google Data History For The Past Year


Ring admits employees have improperly accessed customers’ doorbell videos


111,000 Asylum Applications Made in Germany in 2019


America Is The 4th Worst Abuser Of Biometric Privacy Rights In The World


Time Magazine Advises Parents on How to Talk to Their Kids About Soleimani’s Death


UK Christian doctor who prays with patients faces fresh investigation




EXCLUSIVE: Natural News investigation finds shipping LONG EXPIRED superfoods: “Grape Fiber powder” expired in 2018, shipped as new in 2020


Video taken outside Jeffrey Epstein’s cell on the night of his first suicide attempt was DESTROYED ‘by mistake’, federal prosecutors claim

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