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News Stories And Articles January 7th 2020




Another CIA Face for Anti-Trump Resistance


ancy Pelosi to Introduce Resolution Implying Pre-emptive Surrender to Iran


Flub Or Felony: 17 FISA Errors Submitted Four Times?


Ask an Iranian


Putin Should Take Control of the Iranian Situation Out of Israel’s Hands by Paul Craig Roberts


US-Led Coalition Halts Training for Iraqi Military to Focus on Protecting Iraqi Bases: Pentagon


Bruce Ohr Covered Up Anti-Trump Crusade To Distribute Steele Dossier


GOP senators move to dismiss articles of impeachment amid battle with Pelosi


Republican Senators Draft Motion to Dismiss Impeachment as Democrats Stall


It’s the ‘Sleeper Cells’ Hiding in Congress Posing the Most Danger


Letter stating the U.S. was pulling out of Iraq turns out to be Iranian propaganda


Devin Nunes: Republicans have ‘active investigation’ into intelligence inspector general


Soy-Boys & Unions Sink America’s Biggest Milk Producer


WATCH: Police Say Driver Opened Fire On Kids Throwing Snowballs Wounding 2; Search For Driver Underway!


Standing Up To The Pronoun Police, Once And For All
Academics like our writer are being harassed and censored—all because they want to talk frankly about transgenderism.


Germany: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” attacks cops with a knife, officials think “extremism” is “possible motive”
by Robert Spencer


Qasem Soleimani: Stampede kills 50 mourners at burial in Iran


Israel Proclaims ‘We Will Not Be Dragged Into’ an ‘American Event’ Following Soleimani Killing


Inspector General Report Shows Special Counsel Replicated FBI Abuses


Jeh Johnson’s MIC GETS CUT While Making Chuck Todd Sit In It, On Meet The Press


US Sent Reinforcements To Northern Baghdad During Withdrawal Report: Security Expert


The Case for declaring the Main Stream Media as Domestic Terrorists. Over the top?


NEW: Jeffrey Epstein Photos Show Jail Cell with Bed Sheet Noose and Corpse with Bloody and Bruised Neck Marks


More than two dozen charged with deliberately starting brush fires in Australia


Once Again, Donald Trump Has Truly Caused Some People to Lose Their Minds


University bans antifa critic from speaking because of unspecified ‘risk’ to campus


EUGENICS: Record Number of Organs Harvested From Euthanasia Victims Used in Transplants


Judicial Watch tells five battleground states to clean off 2.5 million EXTRA voters from rolls or face lawsuits


These DARPA Scientists Think They Can Knock Hypersonic Missiles Out of the Sky


Redeeming the FBI


Here Are Some of the Democrats Most Unhinged Reactions to Eliminating a Terrorist


Sanders compares Trump taking out Soleimani to Putin ‘assassinating dissidents’


WTH America? Michigan Man Accused of Murder & Cannibalism: Eating Parts of His GRINDR Date


United Methodist Church Officially Splits Over Gay Marriage and Homosexual Clergy


The Trump Doctrine: On Zig-Zagging, Keeping Hands Off Our People, and America First


277 People a Day Leave New York


Africa Beginning to Push Back Against China’s ‘Predatory’ Strategy


Want to Travel Back in Time? Astrophysicist Says He Knows How to Build a Time Machine


President Trump Never Impounded Even One Dollar from Ukraine Aid


The Trump Admin Will Begin Deporting Mexicans All The Way To Guatemala

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