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News Stories And Articles February 22nd 2020




Coronavirus “Is Up To 20 Times More Likely To Bind To Human Cell Receptors” Compared To SARS


Chinese Coronavirus Patient Reinfected 10 Days After Leaving Hospital


The Death Of Free Speech: Zuckerberg Asks Governments For Instructions On “What Discourse Should Be Allowed” by Jonathan Turley


“The Intelligence Doesn’t Say That”: National Security Official Pushes Back On 2020 Russian Meddling Report


‘He is a Hack and a Shill’ – Susan “Benghazi” Rice Attacks Richard Grenell as a ‘Massively Dishonest’ Person (VIDEO)


Trump Overturned Obama’s Conventional Wisdom


Teacher Fired for Standing Against Indoctrination by: Alex Newman


Neural network finds 11 asteroids that could hit the Earth


Michael Bloomberg’s rancid, arrogant, elitist agenda


New Mexico Will Be Newest State to Enact Unconstitutional ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation
The 2nd Amendment is under attack like never before.


Democrat Ilhan Omar Tweets Out anti-Semitic Screed in Response to Latest Report on Her Marriage to Her Brother


Report: Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Stopping Anchor Baby Schemes


Kremlin: Claims of Russian Backing for Trump in US Election ‘Untrue’ & Down to ‘Paranoia’


Rashida Tlaib Rants About Census’ Ethnic Options: ‘I Am Not White’


Google Cloud manager is arrested after his Microsoft employee wife, 41, is found dead hours after she went missing from a beach club during their Hawaii vacation


INTERVIEW: This Texan Running For Congress Plans to Protect Her State By Securing The Border


“That’s Pencil Neck… Little Pencil” – PRESIDENT TRUMP UNLOADS on Pencil-Neck Schiff and Fake News Media on Latest Anonymous Russia Hoax (VIDEO)


“Jeffrey And I Had Everyone On Videotape” Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Told Friend


Trump Ally Erik Prince Reportedly Under FBI Investigation


How Trump Made the Federal Courts Blink


Ex-Trump aide: FBI tried to set me up in ‘perjury trap’
KT McFarland says her life ‘went to hell’ at launch of Russia probe


INSANE: Google Removes Gender Labels From Image Recognition Technology to Stop ‘Unfair Bias’


Greyhound to Prevent Border Patrol from Searching Buses for Illegal Aliens


Loon Does Not Want Public Inspection of Experimental License to Blast WiFi from the Sky


Government agency using puberty blockers to experiment on children younger than 10


DEA Agent Charged for Conspiracy with Colombian Drug Cartel


Man Charged For Threatening Whistleblower’s Lawyer After Trump Rally


Cardinal, school board remain silent on teacher reading pro-gay books to fifth and sixth graders


Man Turns Camera Toward Homeless Hot Spot, Gets Slapped with ‘Hate Crime’ Allegation




Hillary Clinton Presents Lifetime Achievement Award to ‘God-Like’ RBG


Looking to Escape Leftist Tyranny, Secession-type Movements Arise in Some States


UPS ‘Punishes Drivers’ For Holding Prayer Meetings

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