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News Stories And Articles December 14th 2019




Anti-Trump Republican Argues For Seizing Children Of Vaccine Reform Advocates


Former Israeli Spy Details Motive Behind Epstein’s Sexual Blackmail Operation


Facebook Shuts Down Mom for Sharing Christmas Bible Passages


Watch: Taylor Swift Says Soros Family Funded Deal to Buy Her Music


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been BLOCKED from seeing key evidence from US authorities who want to extradite him for ‘leaking sensitive military data’, court hears


ANTIFA Commits Terrorism in the British Streets to Protest Tory Domination in Elections


Dem Senate Candidates Rejecting Corporate PACs Received $1.6M from Entities Backed by Corporate Cash


Hawaiian volcanic activity could become the catalyst that unleashes an extinction level event in the Cascadian Subduction Zone


Trump camp fumes over Google’s new political ads policy: ‘It is a removal of free speech’


Meet the Female Georgia Republican Who Plans to Dismantle Planned Parenthood


Huckabee Asserts Trump Eligible For Third Term, Says He’s Been ‘Named To Head Up 2024 Re-Election Campaign’


Another Trump District Democrat Ripped By Constituents Over Impeachment: ‘If She Votes For Impeachment, She’s Screwed’


Anti-Semitism and Brexit shatter Corbyn’s dreams of global far-left revolution


4 Fiery Republican Ladies Launch the ‘Conservative Squad’ to Beat Socialism


The three biggest stories of 2019 that indicate a collapse of the power grid is imminent


Twitter bans LifeSiteNews for working to protect the lives of young human children… because Twitter is run by evil, demonic, anti-human tyrants


The New Far-Left Curriculum Transforming Our Public Schools


Trump administration: California regulations, high home costs causing record homelessness by Paul Bedard


Joe Biden Had More “Private Meetings” With Communist Leader Than Anyone Else


Bathroom sign says employees must have ‘smell check’ to ensure ‘not sitting on phone’ for too long


Detroit Faces Lawsuit For Keeping 1,000s of Dead Residents on Its Voter Rolls


Michael Jordan Opens Medical Clinic for People With Limited Resources


Returning the Future to Individuals: What the UK Election Has to Say About the 21st Century


Art Acevedo attacks McConnell, Cornyn and Cruz after HPD officer killed in the line of duty


Man Eating a Cookie Without Permission in Rehab Leads to Six Month Prison Sentence


Conservatism vs. Internet Porn


The Effects of Criticism on Relationships


‘Star Wars’ Fans Camp Outside LA Theater Week Before Movie Opens




The Conservative Resistance and 2020


The Greatest Miracle of All: Trump Has Completely Revamped the 9th Circuit Court


How the Vatican Spent Millions on Elton John’s Biopic


America’s Two-Headed One Party System by Caitlin Johnstone