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News Stories And Articles August 1st 2020




This One Image Says It All: Americans Despise The Establishment Media Because They Have Become Activists Rather Than Journalists


Apple Being Investigated By “Majority” Of States Over Claims Of Deliberately Slowing Old iPhones


Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece Slams Obama for Politicized John Lewis Eulogy


Political Legitimacy Dies in 2020


James Murdoch Resigns From News Publisher News Corp’s Board


Md. Gov. Blasts Teen Activists David Hogg for Promoting Unrealistic Policies


Web hosting company Squarespace declares war against humanity by silencing compassionate doctors; is complicit in mass murder collusion with Big Pharma


FBI Chain of Command Blocked Reopening of Epstein Case in 2011, Victim Claimed


#MacroView: Universal Basic Income Is Not An Economic Savior


Planes Collide Midair in Alaska; GOP State Legislator, 6 Others Killed


Politics, Not Science, Keeping Schools Closed


US Africa Command Ordered To Leave Germany As Part Of Troop Draw Down Fallout


Pompeo: US will take ‘necessary action’ if Iran arms embargo ends


ByteDance Caves To Trump, Agrees To Sell 100% Of TikTok To Microsoft


Philip Haney Death Investigation Update: Sheriff Waiting on FBI Analysis


1 Marine Dies, 2 Are Injured and 8 Remain Missing in California ‘Mishap’


Oliver Stone thinks he would be ‘vilified’ if he tried to make his films today amid the ‘cancel culture’


Alan Parker Dies: Towering UK Director Of ‘Midnight Express’ ‘Mississippi Burning’ & ‘Fame’ Was 76


Mystery at Arizona’s Palo Verde nuclear plant: Who flew drones over the reactors?


Data isn’t just being collected from your phone. It’s being used to score you.


Pelosi Funnels $14,000 to Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Campaign Amid Expensive Primary Fight


More Frightening Than Covid-19: Dems Stealing 2020 Election Through Mail-In Vote


Hurricane Isaias Moving Through Bahamas, Will Approach Florida Later Saturday and Track Up East Coast Next Week


Chinese Researcher Guilty Of Stealing Research And Treatments From U.S. Children’s Hospital


Goodbye, Suburbia: If Biden Wins, Democrats Plan to Absorb Suburbs Into Cities


VOA Under Investigation For Election Interference After Promoting Pro-Biden Ad


Chicago sees 139% jump in murders, uptick in shootings in July 2020: police


USDA identifies some of the mysterious, unsolicited seeds after all 50 states issue warnings


Empty shelves in American stores less than 100 days before the election


Is The Boston Marathon Bomber Ruling Good News For Roger Stone?


Hurtling Toward Totalitarianism: A Call To Action In Defense Of All We Hold Dear by Julian Christopher


The New Ten Commandments


The Story They Want You to Believe: Why Didn’t More Americans Resist?


Should We Be Protesting About George Floyd or Julian Assange? by Paul Craig Roberts


You’ve Officially Decided to Homeschool. Here’s What to Do Now.




There’s so Much Snow in Patagonia Right Now That Cattle, Horses and Sheep Are Buried Alive in Argentina


In 3rd Intercept This Week, Russia Scrambles Fighter Jet Against US Spy Plane Over Black Sea


American Citizen Accused of Blasphemy Shot Dead in Pakistani Courtroom


Xi Hails Now “Fully Operational” China-Controlled Satellite Navigation System Which Rivals GPS


The World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Finally Being Built


Crossing the Rubicon: The UK Slips into a Repressive State


Thousands flee Islamist insurgents in northern Mozambique


Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’


Iraq seethes on edge of another social explosion


English Ignore Social Distancing Pleas And Pack Beaches On Hottest Day Of Summer


Massive rally held in far-eastern Russian city


New oligarchs replacing old in the Philippines


NATO Member Turkey Sends Fighter Jets To Azerbaijan, Stirring Up Memories Of Christian Armenian Genocide


Is WWIII Brewing In Libya? Many Of The Old Geopolitical Belligerents Are Already Fighting by L. Todd Wood


Belarus: Lukashenko accuses Russian mercenaries, critics of plotting attack


Samsung Electronics to halt production at its last computer factory in China


Facebook honey trap leads to arrest of game lodge murder suspect six years later


A South Africa update and it’s not pretty




Minneapolis Commission Blocks City Council’s Attempt to Downsize Police Department


Profs and students ‘demand’ full ‘abolition’ of campus police, BLM flag to be flown


Protests and riots scaring people from going out and traveling by Paul Bedard


Two Students for Life Members Arrested in Washington DC After Attempting to Chalk “BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER” Outside Abortion Clinic


Demonstrators Set Fires, Damage Property in Portland Without Law Enforcement Response


Shirtless Antifa Arsonist, Who Has His Name Tattooed On His Back, Identified and Arrested


EXCLUSIVE: CNN And The New York Times Support Chinese Communist-Funded ‘Marxist Journalism’ School


Seattle Civil Rights Office develops curriculum to assist employees with “processing white feelings”


The Troubling Goals of the Black Lives Matter Movement by Cal Thomas


Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flags in the Streets


The Black New Deal: 1) Abolish Welfare 2) Incentivize The Nuclear Family


Riots and Protests from Portland to Jerusalem


Why Your Kid Is A Communist


Pig’s Head Set Ablaze In Front of Portland Courthouse, Sits Atop Burning American Flag (Watch)


The Real Problem with Saying ‘All Lives Matter’


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


Iowa Teachers Writing Their Own Obituaries to Prevent Schools From Reopening


Jim Jordan Presses Dr. Fauci On COVID-19 Protest Hypocrisy


You can now be fined, jailed, and assaulted for not wearing a mask


Man Allegedly Opens Fire Because Mother and Son Weren’t Social Distancing, Police Say


Google Says New ‘Contact Tracing’ App To Launch In Coming Weeks


McConnell: 15-20 GOP Senators Will Not Vote for Any Virus Relief Deal


US COVID-19 Deaths Top 1k For 5th Day As US Outbreak Slows, Europe Accelerates: Live Updates


“Evil” Montgomery County tells private schools to close or go to jail


Spotlight Grows on Mysterious ‘Suicide’ of Dr. Fauci’s Right-Hand Man at NIAID; Dr. Judy Mikovits Says Top Scientist Was “Suicided” to Silence Him


Russia Plans Mass Vaccinations Against Chinese Coronavirus In October


Is a Face Shield or Goggle Mandate Coming to Your Town, Next?


The Coronavirus Response Is Pure State Terrorism Based on Propaganda by Gary D. Barnett

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