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News Stories And Articles August 12th 2020




Is Kamala Harris Eligible to be President?


Facebook Cracks Down On ‘Fake’ Local News Networks Run By Political Operatives


The FDA Is Recalling Some Potatoes, Lemons, Limes, and Oranges Due to Potential Listeria Contamination


SILENCED Majority vs. the Silencers: Will Hidden Voters Give Trump 37 States?


Ilhan Omar Defeats Challenger in Minnesota Primary


Surging Gun Sales Triggers Second Ammo Shortage Of This Year


ANTIVIRUS Eccentric tech millionaire John McAfee arrested after wearing ‘safe lacy thong as a coronavirus mask’ in Norway


AI is messing with our minds


Petition asking government to break up Big Tech surges past 82,000


U.S. bankruptcies on track for 10-year high with more than 100 consumer companies already filing


Fake News Claims ‘Misgendering’ Trans Pennsylvania Health Director is an ‘Act of Violence’


Has America Entered A New Era Of Permanent Civil Unrest?


AP sources: Man shot near White House had shouted threats


Arizona Sheriff Gets Overwhelming Response for ‘Citizens Posse’


If You Are Among Those That Are Considering Fleeing the Major Cities, I Would


12 Weeks Away From The Most Chaotic Election In US History, The Democrats Communist Agenda Is In Focus As They ‘War Game For A Contended Election That Leads To Civil War’
America! Watch Out For ‘Reparations’ And ‘UN Strong Cities’ Troops In US Cities


Election Security Debate Heats Up Over Mail-In Ballots


WTH: Arizona Border Patrol Agent Arrested, Charged With Drug Trafficking


University of California Requires Flu Shot for All Faculty, Staff and Students




Pentagon Gives Up Huge Slice Of Spectrum For 5G


Pennsylvania Is Playing Politics with Drug Rationing


“The CIA Simulated UFO Abductions In Latin America As Psychological Warfare Experiments” – Dr. Jacques Vallée


Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top


Brother John Kasich, Sista AOC Will Preach to the Perverted at Democrat Convention


“Anti-Semite” Ilhan Omar & “QAnon Believer” Marjorie Taylor Greene Win Tuesday-Night Primaries


JTN founder John Solomon calls for creation of new White House ‘press pool’


OWS Activists To Launch 50-Day September Siege of White House


Towards a US-China War? The Creation of a Global Totalitarian System, A “One World Government”? by F. William Engdahl
Is this a Remake of the 1941 Hitler Stalin Great War?


Gundlach, Who Correctly Called The 2016 Presidential Election, Predicts Trump Will Win Again


A $65-million publishing contract and Obama can’t make a deadline?


Vietnamese Refugee Arrested in Texas After Threatening Church Shooting, Say Feds


Fairfax County, Virginia public schools tell parents not to hire tutors because it is unfair to kids whose parents can’t afford them


Crushing the Barbarians Inside the Gates


Congress Probes U.S. Reliance on Chinese Spy Drones




Hong Kong pro-democracy activist and media mogul Jimmy Lai is released on bail


Dangerous Chemical Containers Still Leaking At Destroyed Beirut Port; Initial Cause Of Fire Revealed


Report calls on the world to take action on ‘killer robots’


South China Sea: Chinese military told not to fire first shot in stand-off with US forces


France to step up security for its citizens in Africa’s Sahel region, Macron says


Planes heard, seen in skies of Beirut before blast


Belarus protesters use vehicles to block police from demonstrations over ‘rigged election’


Gloves are off between China and US with latest arrests


Taiwan Foreign Minister: China Seeks to Turn Country into ‘Next Hong Kong’


Prominent Colombian Socialist and Former Guerrilla Endorses Joe Biden


Greek Armed Forces on high alert for potential confrontation with Turkey


‘Sanctuary City’: Mayor of Bristol Calls on Locals to Host Migrants in Their Homes


Serbia’s Intention to Buy Chinese Weapons. US Concerns


Iran Claims Arrest of American and Israeli Spies


Alleged ‘Jihad Bride’ Mother-of-Nine Back in UK Living on Welfare, Says ISIS Suspects ‘Oppressed’




BLM Organizer Defends Violent Looting, Rioting As ‘Reparations’


The irony of Bible burning on behalf of Black Lives Matter


The George Soros ‘Color Revolution’ In America Is In Progress – Antifa And BLM Are Nothing More Than Soros Minions Trying to Destabilize America


Americans must fight back against the deadly virus of communism and the cult of liberalism


‘This is a revolution’: Black protester gets arrested, wants reparations


California Black Lives Matter Leader Charged with Five Felonies, Faces 15 Years in Prison (VIDEO)


One week on the job, and the new district attorney says he won’t prosecute most rioters in Portland


Hey, useful idiots: Karl Marx was a racist and anti-Semite


Chicago Charity Frees Accused Terrorist and Burglars


Coronavirus Plannedemic Related


UK Will Publish 3 Separate COVID Death Reports After Serial ‘Over-Exaggerating’


WHO Vows To “Review” Russian COVID-19 Vaccine, Top US Scientist Slams Putin’s “Reckless” Move


We Need a Principled Anti-Lockdown Movement




UGA posts — then removes — COVID-19 sex advice


Dr. Andrew Wakefield warns about coronavirus vaccines and outrageous legal immunity for vaccine makers in must-see interview


Texas Becomes Third State To Pass Half A Million Confirmed COVID-19 Cases: Live Updates


Mississippi School Reopens Only To Send 100 Students Home When Teacher Appears Sick


Amazon bans “China Virus” book about Canada’s failed plandemic response


Key Ingredient of Some Potential COVID-19 Vaccines Horrifies Conservatives, Christians


Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Kicks Off With Bang Amid Virus Controversy: 84 arrests, 226 Citations, 18 Crashes In 24 Hours


Is the Face Mask Epidemic “Bringing on the Dumbing Down of Society?”


New Study Finds Potential Reason Why COVID-19 Occurs Less in Children


Coronavirus came from a Chinese lab and no vaccine will ever cure it, declares renowned scientist


Philippines, Brazil Interested In Russian COVID-19 Vaccine; Australia Suffers Deadliest Day Yet: Live Updates

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