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News Stories And Articles April 2nd 2020




What China’s sinking islands tell us


Wow: Federal judge rules that govt. can’t ban bump stocks OUTRIGHT because it lacks ‘police power’


Joe Biden, Democrat Leaders Suggest Canceling Nominating Convention


North Carolina Sheriff Ordered to Resume Processing Pistol Permits


US Escalates Warmongering Against Venezuela Because Of… Drug Trafficking? by Caitlin Johnstone


Facebook Censors Project Veritas Video, Keeping Coronavirus Hysteria in High Gear


Massachusetts Shuts Down Gun Stores After Declaring Them ‘Essential’


Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar Demand Trump End Sanctions On Iran During Coronavirus Crisis


SUCCESS! CHD Forced FCC to Publish in Federal Register, Blocking It from Dismissing Lawsuits


Wall Street Had Cut 68,000 Jobs and Received Trillions in Emergency Loans Prior to COVID-19 Anywhere in the World


GOP Reps. Want Kennedy Center Virus $$ Rescinded After It Refuses to Pay Its Musicians


It Is Time to Rethink Africa


That’ll do it: Houston’s Dem mayor tells criminals to ‘chill’ and ‘stay home’ during outbreak


What You Should Know About 5G Satellites—How Musk’s Sci-Fi Dreams Are Becoming Our Living Nightmare


March Shatters Monthly Gun Sales Record as U.S. Faces Down Threat of Coronavirus
More than 2.5 million guns sold in March


Ilhan Omar Uses Violent Quran Passage to Respond to Criticism About Affair


Giant Red Flashing Warning Signs Are Screaming Something Huge Is About To Go Down – What Does The United States Government Know That We Don’t Know?


FLASHBACK: Italian Media Exposed Chinese Experiments to Infect Humans with Coronavirus in 2015
The establishment desperately wants to suppress this information.




“One Of The Worst Coverups In Human History”: MSM Attention Turns To Chinese Biolab Near COVID-19 Ground Zero


FDA aggressively attacking colloidal silver products to clear the way for a Big Pharma coronavirus VACCINE (that will probably kill 100,000 Americans all by itself)


Emmy and Grammy-Winning Musician Adam Schlesinger Dies From CCP Virus


CLOWNWORLD: Imported Coronavirus Testing Kits Found to be Contaminated with Coronavirus


It’s Only a Matter of Time Until COVID-19 Lockdowns Lead to Civil Unrest and Violent Crime by Daisy Luther


Pentagon Orders 100,000 Body Bags As FEMA Braces For Onslaught Of COVID-19 Deaths


Chinese Woman Filmed Herself ‘Buying Out’ N95 Masks, Bragged She ‘Left Nothing For The Americans’


Here We Go Again: China Puts County On Lockdown After New Corona Cluster Emerges


Second wave of coronavirus lockdowns return to China, shattering narrative that Beijing “has it all under control”


Michigan Gov Threatened Docs Who Used Promising COVID-19 Drug, Now She’s Begging Trump for It


Shots Fired After Shooter Angered by Man Asking Him to Cover His Cough


‘Disappeared’ Wuhan Whistleblower Doc Suddenly Sends Cryptic Message


United Nations wants 10% of entire planet’s annual income in fund for coronavirus response


Coronavirus Is Now The Third Leading Cause Of Death In The United States


Greg Abbott Signs Executive Order Keeping Violent Criminals from Going Back on the Streets During the Wuhan Crisis


An economics student and health administrator breaks down the coronavirus hysteria


Watch: Riots Erupt In Israel As Police Enforce COVID-19 Quarantine, Synagogues Shuttered

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