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Neocon Robert Kagan: Americans Opposing Forever Wars Is An ‘Example Of Their Intolerance’

By Chris Menahan

Americans who don’t support “forever wars” in the Middle East in service of the “liberal world order” are simply showing their “intolerance,” so says PNAC co-founder Robert Kagan in Foreign Affairs magazine.

From Foreign Affairs, “A Superpower, Like It or Not,” subheadline, “Why Americans Must Accept Their Global Role”:

That Americans refer to the relatively low-cost military involvements in Afghanistan and Iraq as “forever wars” is just the latest example of their intolerance for the messy and unending business of preserving a general peace and acting to forestall threats. In both cases, Americans had one foot out the door the moment they entered, which hampered their ability to gain control of difficult situations.

Shame on you, America!

Opposing the wars in Afghanistan is also an attack on women’s rights, as the Washington Post noted last week:

The left and right agree, we need to stay in the Middle East forever to advance liberalism!

This is what wokeness demands of us!




  1. Janene Adkins Janene Adkins February 21, 2021

    Low cost? The lives of OUR young men and women is NOT a low cost, it is the highest price that can be paid, you pieces of shit. If these blabbering talking heads want a war I say let THEM go fight it.
    Remember “one life is too many to be lost to covid” but when it comes to enriching these scum of the earth deaths in the thousands is not enough. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. Jw Jw February 21, 2021

    We need to stay the hell out of other countries domestic issues. Now since these Republicons And Democons want forever wars maybe it would be a good idea to declare war on them and let our military destroy their homes and put them in a military forever prison!

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