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Muslims Jump Fence To Assault Anti-Islamist Who Burned Koran (Video)

A video out of Norway shows a group of Muslims who jumped fences in an effort to attack an anti-Islamist who burned a Koran.

On Saturday in Oslo, a group called “Stop Islamization of Norway” held a demonstration, but were met with resistance from Islamists and left-wing, more than likely paid, actors, I mean activists.

“We wanted to burn the Koran but police don’t allow it…so we toss it,” one of the speakers said.

Police don’t allow it?  Is it some sort of climate change law or do these agents of the state submit to the Sharia?

The anti-Islamists then tossed a Koran into a bucket.

However, another protester immediately lights a copy on fire.

Immediately, feeling their masculinity threatened, several Muslims jump the fence and begin to assault the man who set the Koran on fire.

Police swiftly intervened to ensure that no Muslims were hurt during the scuffle.

They did, however, arrest the attackers and the man who burned the Koran.

One wonders what the charges were.

The Koran is a book, that’s all.  It isn’t even a very good book, but rather doctrines of demons.

It was written by a narcissistic, murdering, thieving, lying pedophile named Muhammad, and those that follow him are just as twisted in their thinking as he was to the point that they are willing to attack someone for burning a book or tossing it in a bucket.

Islam cannot co-exist peacefully in any culture with opposition to it.

It is political in nature, wrapped in the disguise of religion, a religion that does not worship the Creator God of the Bible, but the demon god of Muhammad, Allah.