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More Than 1,100 Ex-DOJ Officials Demand Barr Resign, Call For Current DOJ Officials to Rise Up, Report Abuses, Withdraw From Cases That Involve ‘Misconduct’

The Deep State-Democrat-media complex has been attacking AG Bill Barr since he smacked down Mueller’s prosecutors for abusing Roger Stone by recommending a 7 to 9 year prison sentence for process crimes.

The shampeachment hoax blew up in the Democrats’ faces so they had to cook up a new scandal.

The new left-wing narrative being parroted by the media and other Deep State actors is that there is a “crisis at the Justice Department.”

The Washington Post and New York Times happily reported that more than 1,100 former DOJ DC swamp creatures signed a letter calling for Attorney General Bill Barr’s resignation.

The letter also called on current DOJ officials to “report” abuses, resign in protest and to withdraw from cases that involve “misconduct.”

More than 1,100 former Justice Department employees signed a public letter Sunday urging Attorney General William P. Barr to resign over his handling of the case of President Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone — and exhorted current department employees to report any unethical conduct.

“Mr. Barr’s actions in doing the President’s personal bidding unfortunately speak louder than his words,” the Justice Department alumni wrote in the letter posted online. “Those actions, and the damage they have done to the Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and the rule of law, require Mr. Barr to resign.”

Signatures for the letter were gathered by Protect Democracy, a group that has been critical of Barr’s handling of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into Russian election interference and Trump.

The letter acknowledges there is little chance the signatories’ criticism will lead to Barr’s departure, adding, “because we have little expectation he will do so, it falls to the Department’s career officials to take appropriate action to uphold their oaths of office and defend nonpartisan, apolitical justice.”

The former DOJ officials called for an uprising of current DOJ officials.

The letter called on DOJ officials to follow the “heroic” example of the four Mueller prosecutors who resigned from Roger Stone’s case “and be prepared to report future abuses to the Inspector General, the Office of Professional Responsibility, and Congress; to refuse to carry out directives that are inconsistent with their oaths of office; to withdraw from cases that involve such directives or other misconduct; and, if necessary, to resign and report publicly — in a manner consistent with professional ethics — to the American people the reasons for their resignation.”

Tom Fitton referred to the DOJ as a “leftist fiefdom.”



  1. JOHN JOHN February 17, 2020

    I didn’t see any group Letter Signatures from these spoiled Brats on the McCabe decision not to Prosecute! …I did not see an outcry from anyone, and he lied repeatedly and was Chastised by the Inspector General in his report that was read to Congress! How is that not a felony charge? But yet, this Dirty Cop escapes with not even a hand slap! Why wasn’t his Home Raided in the middle of the Night with Guns drawn, and handcuffed and taken into police Custody and to Jail, without Bail??????????? We all know why! The fix was in, and the bad Guy’s got off with nothing, even save their Ill earned Pension! America is fed up with all of this….

  2. Mongoose Mongoose February 18, 2020

    Sounds to me like someone is desperate to stop Barr from whatever he is doing.
    Or is about to do.

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