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Mexico Wants Biden To Pay Welfare To Mexicans And Central Americans

By CD Media Staff

Important To Remember As ObamaKamala Destroys America...THIS REGIME IS NOT LEGITIMATE!

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico (AMLO) declared yesterday he wants *President Joe Biden to extend welfare given to illegal immigrants in the United States to all citizens of Mexico and Central America.

Biden has opened the southern border of the United States to illegal migrants, terrorists, and COVID positive alike, endangering those Americans of all colors on the southern border. Migrants are being shipped across the country in order to create a demographic voting block to ensure permanent Democrat power in Washington.

“What I want to propose is that the program Sembrando Vida is implemented in Central America,” Lopez Obrador said in a video message from Palenque in southern Mexico. “So people aren’t forced to migrate, and it helps the environment.”

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