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MASSIVE FAIL: After 2 Weeks of Schiff’s Show-Trial Trump’s Approval IS UP, Support for Impeachment IS DOWN and ONE-THIRD of Democrats Now Want Joe Biden Investigated

This wasn’t supposed to happen.
Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff moved their secret basement star chamber impeachment proceedings to a public stage two weeks ago.

Adam Schiff and his unhinged colleagues called in several executive branch bureaucrats to testify against President Trump in their made-up bribery case.

The entire Schiff-Show ended up being a huge flop.

** Support for impeachment fell with independents, swing and suburban voters.
** President Trump’s approval rating went up.
** And now ONE-THIRD of DEMOCRATS think Joe Biden should be investigated on his pay-for-play schemes with his son Hunter.


On Friday Jenna Ellis, the Senior Legal Advisor to the Trump campaign, went on with Jason Chaffetz on Hannity to discuss the absolutely disastrous week by Democrats!


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  1. Jack Jack November 25, 2019

    I’m not getting all that excited over this. Gateway has a propensity to hyperventilate about things that never ultimately happen.

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