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Mark Levin Warns Five “Weak Link” Republicans to Stop Senate Democrats on Impeachment: “This should be dismissed”

Mark Levin let moderate Republicans in the Senate have it over calling witnesses in the impeachment.

He said it is their job to stop the Democrats by dismissing the impeachment:

“There’s no constitutional violation. There’s no statutory violation. There is no violation of a federal court order. This is why they keep throwing up smoke. And I want to tell these five Republicans in the Senate, the weak links in the chain — Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Gardner, Alexander.”

“Let me tell you something. You have a duty to uphold the constitution.”

“What the House of Representatives has done here is destroy the constitution. It’s your job to fix it. It’s your job to stop them, not aid and abet by calling witnesses that the Democrats want. No. No witnesses. No witnesses. This should be dismissed. This is a disgrace. That’s it.”


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