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Many arrested for riot-related charges don’t live in Dallas, but most are from North Texas

DALLAS — Updated Monday with more details about the arrests made over the weekend.

Hurricane season starts Monday, but Dallas businesses boarded up Sunday in anticipation of a third night of violence.

Most businesses in South Victory, including the American Airlines Center and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, had plywood installed over their glass windows.

At an Oncor building along the Woodall Rogers Freeway, workers spent Sunday removing all of the large stones from the landscaped beds to prevent the rocks from being used as projectiles.

A few blocks away, heavily armed Dallas police officers began detaining people downtown and searching their backpacks.

Police were trying to identify who came to protest and who showed up for something more.

“We’re playing chess. Not checkers,” said Dallas Chief of Police Renee Hall.

Officers said they arrested more than 100 people on riot-related charges on Saturday and noticed something about them. At least 120 people were arrested Sunday.

“A large number of them are not members or residents of the city of Dallas,” Hall explained. “They come from multiple locations.”

On Monday, Dallas police released the names of 61 of those arrested over the weekend, of which 16 live in Dallas. Most of the others lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

On Sunday, WFAA easily identified 30 people arrested on riot-related charges from the department’s arrest database. They came from Bridgeport, Burleson, Denton, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Irving, Lewisville, Terrell, The Colony and Wichita Falls – even one from Knoxville, Tenn.

Police charged all of them with misdemeanors, which means they could end up back on the streets within hours.

“They can bond out pretty quickly,” said Pete Schulte, a criminal defense attorney, “but the goal is to get them out of the situation where they’re not helping others do unlawful things.”

One of the overriding questions is whether the arrested individuals belong to larger radical groups.

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