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Macaulay Culkin: Satanic Hollywood ElitesMurder Children During Rituals

Former child star exposes entertainment industry execs who sacrifice young actors

Former child star Macauley Culkin has blown the whistle on the entertainment industry elite to reveal that Hollywood studio executives are “blood-thirsty Satanists” who ritualistically “murder child actors.”


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Every site who’s attempted to publish it got scrubbed…
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The Home Alone star has exposed movie business execs as “Satanic pedophiles who “ritually abuse children in the industry.”Culkin claims he only got out alive because he was a “smart and suspicious kid” who “got too famous to be killed like some of the other kids.”

“You learn very early to recognize which of them want to abuse you, and which of them have even darker tastes,” Macaulay Culkin said, explaining that “the worst of them wear shoes made out of the skin of children that they ritually murdered.”

Culkin dropped the huge truth bomb during a radio interview in Paris, France, Culkin, saying:

“Have you seen leather products made from human skin?

“It has a very unusual, distinctive look.

“I learned at a very young age to identify it.”

The news was picked up by French media, with mainstream French newspapers quickly reporting on the explosive interview.However, within an hour of publication, all reports began to disappear, with previously published articles suddenly being scrubbed from the internet.French news outlet Les Echos deleted their article shortly after it started to go viral, but has not responded to questions regarding why they removed it within an hour of publication, and if they were pressured to do so.

french newspaper les echos headline reads macaulay culkin speaks about hollywood ritual child abuse live on radio
French newspaper Les Echos’ headline reads: Macaulay Culkin speaks about Hollywood ritual child abuse live on radio.
macaulay culkin claims hollywood elites rape and murder child stars and use their skin to make boots belts and wallets that they use as skin trophie
Macaulay Culkin claims Hollywood elites rape and murder child stars and use their skin to make boots, belts and wallets that they use as ‘skin trophie

Skin Trophies

During the interview, Culkin claimed that children in the entertainment industry “learn very early to recognize which of them want to abuse you, and which of them have even darker tastes,” explaining that some of the Hollywood executives wear “skin trophies.”

Explaining that he was 11 the first time he saw human leather, Culkin said he was “filming Home Alone 2 in New York,” when he was “ushered into a back room on the set. There was a guy in there, a powerful executive suit type, you know what I mean?”

“He tried to make me relax by giving me a can of Coke.

“Started telling me about the nature of the industry.

“Basically, he wanted me to cut my parents out.

“He wanted to be my guardian.

“He said he would make me into the biggest teen star in history.

“He said I had it all but that I had to get rid of my parents.

“I was like ‘Dude, I’m 11!’ and he said ‘You’re a man now.’”

Culkin, who has been living in Paris, France since 2003, then explained that the man “began to make his intentions clear.”

“He started breathing real shallow.

“My experience with perverts kicked in.

“I could tell he was interested in me.

“He licked his lips and told me I was very handsome.

“I think I managed to say ‘thank you’ and started thinking about how I could get the f*ck out of there.”

“Dude, I’m 11”

“Then he reached into his case and took out a crack pipe. 

“He put it in his lap, took out this huge lighter, and continued to gaze at me with this overpowering sexual desire.”

“I was just staring at him. I think I said something like ‘Dude, I’m 11’ again.

“I remember he said to me, ‘It’s a celebration, little man. To celebrate your upcoming success. Your many successes. Come. Sit back down.’

“He was tapping the pipe on his crotch, smiling this total creepazoid smile.

“I ran out of the room, but I ran straight into this other guy who was outside the room and he grabbed me by the arm and threw me back inside.

“He lit the pipe and blew the smoke in my face.

“He told me to look at his shoes.

“He said they were made from the skin of children he and his friends had murdered.

“He said leather made from human skin is the finest leather known to man.”

Death of a child star

Macaulay Culkin said the Hollywood executive then dropped a heavy hint about the provenance of the skin used to make his shoes.

He asked me if I knew Heather O’Rourke.”

“Yeah, I remembered her.

“I grew up watching Poltergeist.

“I remembered her in Happy Days. She was so cute.”

“Then it dawned on me what he was getting at and I vomited all over his shoes.”

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Every site who’s attempted to publish it got scrubbed…
download Here…


    • Anon0911 Anon0911 September 11, 2019

      Please go to twitter and read @becki_p20

      This stuff is real. She was trafficked, raped, tortured, and had to watch child sacrifices. She may have to go back go England and her bio father is a satanist who plans to kill her.


    • Lisa jones Lisa jones September 13, 2019

      This dude look crazy
      Like he done lost his mine
      Im not saying what he is saying is not true but he look crazy

      • A Nightmare on Elm Street A Nightmare on Elm Street September 19, 2019

        Yeah… I suppose that most of us could not get out of this madness with no scars or sequelae

  1. J W J W August 30, 2019

    Macaulay Culkin: Satanic Hollywood ElitesMurder Children During Rituals

    • Nate Nate September 2, 2019


    • Buzzard World Buzzard World September 8, 2019

      Have you heard of “Q”, or Q Anon” they are sometimes referred to as? They are known as “White Hats” = The Good Guys and yes they already have people on this. Go to this website which will lead you to a whole new community and the top You Tube Reporters regarding “Q”. President Trump signed an Executive Order in Dec 2017 to go after Child Traffickers and to seize all of their assets AND, this is one of the main reasons he wants a wall running across our Southern Border. One last comment, they use this as a means of black mail in Hollywood and Politics, how do you think they got SO many Celebs to come out against Trump, when they loved him before he was elected? Because they know he will reveal the truth and take the biggest names down. So the execs tell their controlled celebs to go out and speak bad about Trump, and they do so out of fear of retaliation.

      • James Chaney James Chaney September 10, 2019

        I like what you have said here, I have zero disagreement with you with anything you have said in your post. I myself am a 100% service connected medically retired Army/Iraq combat wounded veteran and Trump is looking out for us and his wall idea is an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT idea and I am certain that he will get it built. My now late buddy was a half paralyzed Navy vet, he and I started amongst our friends calling ourselves “Trump-sters”

        • Jess neve Jess neve September 10, 2019

          Lool. What does the wall have to do with Hollywood systematically abusing children. It’s your own American people.

        • Alli Fry Alli Fry September 10, 2019

          poor sick minded people. almost as worse as the people this article is about. the rapists and terrorists aren’t ALL coming from out this country. every single mass shooting we’ve had in this country has been by a WHITE AMERICAN who all supported trump.

        • Deidre Cannon Deidre Cannon September 10, 2019

          You are so right. I believe everything in this article. I know this is happening and thank God we have President Trump working to stop this madness!

      • Michelle Caesar Michelle Caesar September 10, 2019

        You are so right, and because I’m a black woman i get ridicule because I support him 2.

      • bob bob September 10, 2019

        I’m curious as to why he (Trump) hasn’t started calling out these celebrities himself already? Why doesn’t he just inform the mass of whats going on, what’s he waiting for?

        • DontGetSuicidedByTheClintons DontGetSuicidedByTheClintons September 14, 2019

          Its gotta be true why do you think hillarys deleting emails. Shes covering up for Bill. Bill knew Weinstein HE KNEW EPSTEIN AND HE VISTED PEDO ISLAND WAKE UP PEOPLE.

        • Sweet Pea Sweet Pea September 16, 2019

          The information has to be gradual breadcrumbs. The normal world would think someone exposing this stuff had lost his mind. he can’t just start exposing. If you were just strolling along in your normal world and someone told you, hey, your next door neighbor is a full blown, baby eating satanist. what would you think? If it was true, it would take years for you to finally come around to believing it. That’s why. Breadcrumbs.

    • Patricia Patricia September 1, 2019

      I believe every word that boy says. They eat human skin, the Clinton’s are Satanic as most of Hollywood..This world needs to be destroyed. People are becoming so cruel an evil.

      • Ruth Ruth September 2, 2019

        You honestly think it’s only white people??
        What about Beyonce & Jay Z?
        What about the Great Mohammed?
        Satanism has no color!!

        • Liz Liz September 10, 2019

          Ruth, who are you referring to as the great Mohammed?

      • White Devil White Devil September 2, 2019

        Hey G, thanks for condemning an entire race of people. I know it doesn’t matter what I say to you because you are utterly convinced that you hold the moral high ground, and no doubt believe that you and others like you are “God’s chosen people” to the exclusion of all other races. See… it’s okay for you to hold supremacist views because you are flavour of the month with the very same satanic paedophiles who run Hollywood….. Oh didn’t you realise THE ENTIRE MAINSTREAM MEDIA and all the “change agents” they serve are owned by the same satanic elite? No, of course not, because you have selected the views you hold because you are nothing more than a common RACIST!

        Oh no wait, I forgot, black and brown people can’t be racist because of colonialism, right? That’s very convenient for you isn’t it. I’m sure you are gloating as you read this diatribe from a squealing white devil – because you know that I know, that victory is Christ’s – and there’s no future for me and my kind except the lake of fire, right?

        I have to ask though… Did you forget about the bit in the Bible which says “love the Lord with all your heart, with all your mind -and love your neighbour as yourself?” “He who is without sin cast the first stone?” “Remove the plank from your own eye before pointing out the speck in your brothers eye?” “JUDGE NOT, SO THAT YOU WILL NOT BE JUDGED?

        I realise nothing I say will make any difference to you because you have Christ’s blood protecting you: your sins are hidden in Christ – and you are made perfect in Him… and He chose you before the foundations of the earth of course. No doubt you will be praying for this devil (me) to be defeated as you read this comment – which you will interpret as “spiritual attack.” Why don’t you arrange a prayer meeting about it or something? Let me know if you feel uneasy though, like you’re feeling convicted in some way. Nah, only joking, you should feel no guilt whatsoever because you’ve been absolved from all personal responsibility through Christ’s blood. I get it…. and not forgetting I’m the devil of course.

        May God have mercy upon your soul.

        • Saved by His Blood Saved by His Blood September 10, 2019

          Ah, you need to get off your high horse…sorry to say but most of the human race is evil unless they repent and turn to the Lord God Almighty. ALL people are included in this…not singling out any color here. satan doesnt care what color you are…he is only interested in taking your soul down to hell with him when he is put down. When you put all those bible quotes up it sounds to me you are defending those who rape and murder children. We as true believers need to point out those who are doing evil and pray for them. I suggest you start praying. BTW being able to quote all kinds of scriptures like you know it all doesnt make you SAVED.

        • Ralph Moss Ralph Moss September 11, 2019

          At least you know who you are.

      • Jewely BlueCheck Jewely BlueCheck September 2, 2019

        The dismantling of Pedowood needs to happen MUCH FASTER. Too many innocents have been sacrificed, and We The People are DONE standing around waiting for the government to fix it!

        • Lala Lala September 3, 2019

          Most of the government is part of the pedo ring. Politics and hollywood are 1 in the same. Both play for the same team. politics and hollywood are the worst kind of evil yet they shape our culture?!?!

        • Ronald Bader Ronald Bader September 3, 2019

          The government never fixes anything. They just react to circumstances and make it bureaucratic

        • Shelly Shelly September 10, 2019

          So exposing evil is regarded as judgment?? I guess you forgot the part in the bible where jesus got angry yes angry and went into the temple to get rid of the money changers to crack a whip throw out and free the animals. He was not happy with what the Jews were doing in the temple making it a Marketplace. So don’t tell me that exposing evil is Judgment because it’s not!!!

      • Jessie Pickering Jessie Pickering September 3, 2019


      • Christine Andrews Christine Andrews September 4, 2019


        • Sherry Black Sherry Black September 4, 2019

          Yes, exactly like in the times of Noah, we are definitely in the end of the end times!

          • Larissa Larissa September 10, 2019

            Yes we are, we all need to stay prayed up & ready for judgement day.

      • EaglesFlight EaglesFlight September 5, 2019

        This has been going on since Columb-ass came to the islands. If you look at the artwork that was done in his time his own men wrote down what he did and they also painted his men eating our native people. Its horrible but its isn’t something new. Columbus had the first human trafficking and they are evil people. I believe Mr. Culkin he has no reason to lie or make this up.

        I pray Jesus comes back soon to clean up the horror that is going on in this world he tried to clean up.

        Even so Lord Jesus come back Quickly Amen!!

        • Sandy Groepel Sandy Groepel September 7, 2019

          AMEN ! People need to get ready, there is a “storm” coming, praise God !!!

          • Steve hunsberger Steve hunsberger September 8, 2019

            Makes me sick to my stomach reading this and to know this is going on at this very moment.reaks evil .come quickly Lord jesus

        • April April September 7, 2019

          Yes Amen this world is hell this is where they killed Jesus here on Earth , He will come back this is the end of the time. Repent.

        • James Chaney James Chaney September 10, 2019

          AMEN, I have seen pure nasty evil while seeing combat in Baghdad Iraq with the U.S. Army and I very much agree with you 100%. It is time for Jesus to walk the earth openly as I have belief that he silently walks amongst us but our world is due for a push of the reset button. God says that when the next armageddon comes it will be by fire and I think that this will be the feared impending nuclear war that is likely to happen.

      • K K September 7, 2019

        I do too. This world is so evil!!!

      • Thinking outside the box Thinking outside the box September 8, 2019

        is it possible that this is just a desperate attempt to make a few dollars from a herion addict. If a man threw him back in why didnt he raped? Also why would the executive doing a drug that make you impotent to then have sex? Its on the internet so it has to be true

        • Truth dude Truth dude September 9, 2019

          Crack makes you horny and having disturb thoughts, very filthy thinking comes when one exhale crack smoke.

        • Hi)y Hi)y September 10, 2019


        • SlimmFineAss SlimmFineAss September 10, 2019

          Not everyone has the same reaction to drugs that muthafucka probably functions best on crack… I feel like this is nothing but the truth but we all have assholes too right??

        • Ask Better Questions Ask Better Questions September 12, 2019

          Not sure I believe this or not, I don’t want to google human leather and worry any nanny agencies monitoring my computer, but I used to volunteer in a pregnancy prevention clinic and a CARE orgo and we had and some of the pedos come in and try to get The Pill so they could self chem castrate. They wanted to try this because they didn’t want to hurt any kids or feel those desires and they told stories of other methods pedos use to permanently prevent arousal and the temporary methods the one’s who just don’t want to get caught use in order to prevent visibly becoming aroused by children. So that is a possible explanation as to the ‘crack’ and a partial explanation to why he wasn’t raped. The second part to the why he wasn’t raped question is because he was the star on a movie set with his parents or guardians some place around and there were probably dozens of people present who had no idea about this ‘cult’ and would be horrified if Culkin was raped or hurt thus risking exposure. There are reasonable, even logical, answers to the questions you posed, so think of other, better ones that can’t be explained or accept the possibility that this might have happened.

    • Rick james Rick james September 5, 2019

      This was also done to African slaves in America so I know this to be true ther are some very evil people in this world we live in. people need to be aware that this is how satanic groups give human sacrifices to there god (the devil) yes he is considered a god even in the Bible a god is a mighty one .he’s is the (god)running everything down here on earth he is the one giveing out the blessings the money the gifts so I would advise people that next time a so called blessing comes your way (you will have to figure out what god it came from!!!!!

  2. Michael Harper Michael Harper August 31, 2019

    I always knew that something was wrong in the film industry when they started out so many movies with simple blood lust, demonic beings, ghosts, and every other evil theme that you can think of.
    When I tried to read more about Macauley store I was redirected to another site.
    When good becomes evil and evil becomes good My people will given over to a reprobate mind.
    If you can’t understand why there is so much hatred towards Trump, Christians in general read the Bible and ask Jesus to open your understanding :He will

    • Robert Robert September 1, 2019

      Hi Henry,

      A response to “Anti Semites” are Being Tagged for Extermination.”

      America will soon be destroyed !!

      The Lord has made a way out, for those who will accept the “Full Word of God.”

      The Lord Jesus Christ stated:
      John 13:20.
      Verily, verily, I say unto you, HE THAT RECEIVETH
      WHOMSOEVER I SEND RECEIVETH ME, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

      Therefore, if a man wants to receive Jesus, the man MUST receive the “Messenger” who Jesus sends, in this day the Lord has kept His word, and has sent His prophet.

      The, “Elijah anointing,” (Concerning the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ) is used “TWICE.”

      The first time 2,000 years ago, when God sent John the Baptist, then again in this day.

      At each, “Coming of the Lord,” there is an Elijah prophet who precedes that, “Coming.”

      Jesus said concerning John the Baptist.
      Matthew 3:3.
      For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Elijah, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

      John, “Prepared the way for the Lord,” John did NOT “Restore anything,” as that which would need to be restored, (The full understanding of the whole Bible,) had not yet been given.

      This scripture concerns the Elijah prophet for, “THIS DAY.”
      Matthew 17:11.
      And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elijah truly shall FIRST COME, and RESTORE all things.

      God has fulfilled the above scripture in THIS DAY.

      This scripture also predicts the Elijah prophet for “This day”…..
      Malachi 4:5.
      Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

      This Elijah prophet comes just before, “The coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord,” which happens in this day.

      We are now living in the last days, God has kept His word and sent that prophet, thereby “Restoring” His word to His Bride.

      One Sunday morning in June, 1933, God gave seven major continuous visions to His prophet William Marrion Branham (Fulfilling Malachi 4:5 + Matthew 17:11 + Revelation 10:7 and other scriptures)

      Five of the seven continuous visions, have already come to pass.

      “The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America.”

      God has raised the dead on FIVE occasions through His chosen vessel.

      God was photographed SIX times, (Veiled in the form of the Pillar of Fire) with His prophet.

      God`s chosen vessel was William Marrion Branham.

      Check out William Branham, God`s “Vindicated Prophet” for the End Time.

      These and other “Prophetical scriptures” fulfilled:
      Malachi 4:5.
      Matthew 17:11.
      Revelation 10:7.
      Revelation 3:14.
      Revelation 1:16 – 20.
      Revelation 2:1.
      Revelation 3:1.

      Watch this amazing testimony on YouTube:
      Ed Byskal – I am a witness (Testimony on William Branham)

      Russia now has a missile which can destroy a nation the size of France or a state the size of Texas, destruction is one button push away.

      The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of “FORNICATION” and Homosexuality…..
      Jude 7.
      Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to FORNICATION, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of everlasting fire.

      Do you see any fornication and or homosexuality in this day ???

      • Ernest Chesson Ernest Chesson September 2, 2019

        Primitive man made, engineered thought processes. You will be waiting for a saviour as Prime Source is connecting to itself and calling forth spiritual warriors. You and your Ilk will be standing faces skyward awaiting the greatest manmade ruse in HISTORY.
        Please watch this…
        Man is FAR more evil and prepared to steal our souls than we have EVER been wise to.

      • Bob b Bob b September 2, 2019

        Semitism is anti White

      • Henry Henry September 5, 2019

        I love you Robert God bless you in Jesus Christ name amen

      • Fletcher Fletcher September 9, 2019

        Your religion is made up and stolen from the pagans.our real European gods live with in us..wake up white people.its us against the Jew..blacks y’all to..the Jew has the world brainwashed..1488

    • JoMama JoMama September 1, 2019

      My suggestion: Use GoGoDuck search engine instead of Google who has been white washing and bleaching many sites that comfirm these stories. Give it a try.

      • DS DS September 3, 2019

        It’s actually duckduckgo.

        • Rhonda Gregory Rhonda Gregory September 5, 2019

          I recently read that google bought DuckDuckGo I’ll research it to make sure. It’s been fairly recent

    • Christine Andrews Christine Andrews September 4, 2019

      AMEN TO THAT!!!

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth September 5, 2019

      Michael Harper is right on! I’ve felt like most of Hollywood has sold their souls out to the devil. That’s why so many are full of hate for our president. He is trying to get everyone to work together for the good of this nation, but they are evil . I do believe McCaley , read your Bible folks it’s being fulfilled right before our eyes

    • KJ KJ September 7, 2019

      Now wait a minute! These so-called Christians are racists in there too. Yall aren’t all so righteous just because you hate homosexuality and abortion! You got the kkk, white supremacist, cops killing unarmed Black people but letting mass murderers get away with murder, chasing around naked white murderers that just killed their family, being called a Christian too. So i wouldn’t go bragging about no Christians and pu**y-grabbing trump! The Most High Yah is going to judge you all!!! What’s in everyone’s heart is going to be exposed not just these pedophiles and homos!

      • Jane doe Jane doe September 10, 2019

        Period !

      • 1madgina 1madgina September 13, 2019

        The word Christian doesn’t mean white. Nor does nationalism or patriot. They mean love of God and country no matter the colors the people in the country.
        We cannot judge the present by what was acceptable in the past. Society today is completely different. The people promoting this bygone racial tension crap are the leftists. They divide us into smaller and smaller groups. We distrust other groups and they, us. This hate isn’t real. The elite pay the radicals to cause unrest as a distraction. What is real is the awfulness being done to children of all races and religions. But if we keep fighting amongst ourselves, the evil will never end. Who really cares what color someone is or with whom they have sex? I don’t. Just don’t have that sex in my house. What we do care about are kids. And they are being abused at an ever increasing rate and the elite are in a panic to keep it hidden.
        Stop fighting over stupid nonsense from 200 years ago and fight to save our kids and communities. How hard is it?

  3. bern bern August 31, 2019

    Other victims, hollywood or otherwise, use the same descriptive language MC does. Its easy to find on internet.

  4. Jane Doe Jane Doe August 31, 2019

    There are no big or small celebrities exposing anything “real” when it comes to these subjects. The former star is working on a YouTube channel and with a band, the only real talk he made some time ago was about his addiction on drugs in France and problems with his father, disputing the money. There is pedophilia, in fact, this shit is everywhere because of the fucking human nature, but this nonsense of demons and sacrifices is stupid. There are former stars that may support some crazy talk, but a life of tabloid is worthless, most are too busy on the social network asking to open borders and attacking the president.

    The former star is working on a YouTube channel and with a band, the only real talk he made was his addiction on drugs in France, the help of friends and problems with his father, disputing the money.

    He is very rich I suppose, both channel and band are quite unknown to the major audiences, but he is not one of these former stars desperate to come back to the industry, even that there is a possibility of a future Batman with him as the Joker.

      • John John September 2, 2019

        Michael, who wrote the Bible?, and is it not the Greatest Book ever writen.

        Yes it is.

        Now Michael I absolutely believe in God. He has been in Heart since 1994. I know and he knows that we have a personal relationship. In which he has taught me never to judge anyone that he will one day. Also in my opinion Michael you must be Democrat.. Which is fine but President Trump has not don’t anything wrong being President. He has made change that has lasted for over 200 years of how an old school Politicians have done to things … A clap for him . He is American trying to look out for the American People. In is first term as the President I cannot think of one week that had gone by that the Democrats are trying to dig up anything to empeach our President.. What a waste of Taxpayer’s Dollars Michael.. We alll have choices to make everyday Michael, why because God made it that way and if we made all the decisions we would all be God’s. Therefore Michael why you want to start shit and have no facts. You Democrats are so Hypocritical.. Grow up dig in Man’s Bible that was written by Man in which so much of that has been left out. Open your mind Michael and know this anything is possible for humans to do as God has given everyone Free Will and the Choices they make are theirs and no one else’s. These are the Trial’s and Tribulation’ s that we Humans have everyday. Let God open your Understanding and accept that this is Man’s world. Which I believe is Hell…..

    • Christine Andrews Christine Andrews September 4, 2019


  5. Cameron Cameron August 31, 2019

    Culkin was buddies with Michael Jackson, the biggest pedophile of all time. He’s a creep and was never cute when he was a kid.

    • Karuna Saraswati Karuna Saraswati September 10, 2019

      MJ protected McCauley. Media is trash. McCauley always defends Michael Jackson. If you want truth, do the research yourself please.

  6. Afta Burna Afta Burna September 1, 2019

    Fake news site NeonNettle in one of the document’s links. That’s enough for me to realise that this article is more than likely a fake.

  7. JoMama JoMama September 1, 2019

    Shoes made out of human skin? That old canard was commonly put forth by the so-called tribe during the so-called WW2 holocaust, and has been debunked where lamp shades were alledgely made from human skin. The rest of the article is of no doubt spot on. He is not the first to come out to make the claim regarding satanic pedophilia in Hymie Town/Hollywood. What I have a problem with is why not name names. Of course that could lead to libel lawsuits without any real substantial evidence, as in say a court of law. Unfortunately their evil deeds will never come to light; their power structure is beyond the confines of Hollywood that reach into our court system and beyond.

  8. JoMama JoMama September 1, 2019

    My suggestion: Use GoGoDuck search engine instead of Google who has been white washing and bleaching many sites that comfirm these stories. Give it a try.

    • crystallane crystallane September 10, 2019

      duckduckgo …..but urs sounds better…lol

  9. John Doe John Doe September 1, 2019

    Hollywood is a business. It isn’t owned by liberal business owners. You lost me when you started your “liberal media” talking point. I work in media. I know who the owners are. They aren’t liberal. Get your “facts” straight.

  10. Beth Buchanan Beth Buchanan September 1, 2019

    Agree .
    I never trust celeb exposes
    He is one reason MJ got off

  11. Athena Athena September 1, 2019

    Sounds like the reason he dropped out of Hollywood. To bad he doesn’t name names and get these people.

  12. James Vann James Vann September 2, 2019

    Actually the red was in reference to the stew that Esau demanded from his brother Jacob

  13. Barbare Net Barbare Net September 2, 2019

    The white man is the devil? Maccauly is white, is he the devil? He was a VICTIM… don’t start rumors like this, you are defaming a lot of good people.

  14. W. trex W. trex September 2, 2019

    He does not have to name anyone, a message has been put out and it’s up to one to receive or reject it.
    People will believe what they want.
    People will manipulate truth to live a lie.
    People admit to occult lifestyles.
    People believe in demons, religion.
    People believe in witches/vampires.
    People believe in bible.
    People are pedophiles, rapist, liers, thieves, whorers, adulterers, racist, judgemental, murders, etc.
    People like Chad Michael , Fergie, Elvis, Woody Allen, Aerosmith, Prince, Jerry Seinfeld and many others sleep with under age girls and it was never an outrage, it was considered normal – then boom R.Kelly was charge, really?
    People have sold soul to devil, drink human blood, beastiality, eat humans, partake in rituals, sacrifices.

    People it’s enough google to expose truth and lies.
    So trying to point a point to anyone isn’t necessary.

    • Darnell Henderson Darnell Henderson September 3, 2019

      Prince was an upstand man.
      Bill Cosby is falsely accused and railroaded to deflect from the sexual criminality that’s rampant in elite white society.

      • Tammy Tammy September 7, 2019

        I believe all those women wanted the drugs and the sex due to the time period we lived in. If they later had regrets about their choices that’s on them. The so called #metoo movement brought out those who were unethical in the first place who now falsely accuse the men.

      • Jack Meoff Jack Meoff September 8, 2019

        Tell that to his multiple victims. Stop blaming ”white people” for your shortcomings. There is such a thing as Superiority and it’s not on the Caucasian side.

  15. John B Wells John B Wells September 2, 2019

    Jesus died for all, this is in the Bible too – skin pigmentation is not a salvation issue. Racist much?

    • White Devil White Devil September 2, 2019

      John B Wells, thanks for deleting that racist trash – and I can’t blame you for deleting my retort either. People like him/her/it really make my blood boil!

      Ps, my name isn’t really “White Devil” you know, in case you were wondering.

      • John B Wells John B Wells September 2, 2019

        Sorry you had to see that. God Bless you!

  16. V Hudson V Hudson September 2, 2019

    There was a case a few years back where two kids, brother and sister, both under ten told of satanic child abuse taking place in their school in Hampstead UK and that their father was involved. Everything they talked of, they could not have known unless they were somehow involved in the whole scenario. They even talked of shoes made out of babies skin and a ‘shop’ where they could be bought that they had visited with their father. They talked of babies skulls that were worn as trophies, rubber willies etc and told of much more. These kids were way too young to ever imagine or talk knowledgeably of such things. They were taken into care after the vids came out.

  17. John Doe John Doe September 2, 2019

    Got Christ? Its hell without Him

  18. Sandy Sandy September 2, 2019

    I see greed and man ego perversion.
    As far as satanic. I don’t see that. All hail satanic skin shoes. No. …
    Theses men are just plain sick …
    The casting couch has been around forever.
    As far as demons and evil and Satan. No .
    Just sickos.
    And I hope they get what they deserve.

  19. Elaine Elaine September 2, 2019

    Satan is on control of Hollywierd. It shows with the guys on every movie. It’s shows on every series. Since the 90s the wicked rituals. The way they all act and dress. Even in the way the kids cartoons are so violent. Nothing like like the roadrunner. Even in the vedio games. Killing has taken over. Satanic rituals are common now. Dead animals are found all over the country. This has become a sick world that has no concern for human life. Abortion are also a sign of satanic worship and rituals.

  20. igor igor September 3, 2019

    Please inform your self before you say this nonsense 🙂 Research a little bit about Michael Jackson and stop swallowing all hollywood mainstream media shit they are feeding you

  21. DS DS September 3, 2019

    You gave the site name incorrect. The site is DuckDuckGo.

  22. Becca Cee70 Becca Cee70 September 4, 2019

    Ever seem Bill Maher’s red leather shoes. Yeah the red shoes are a symbolism. All we need to do is wake up!! Research and look for the symbols. The symbols will be there downfall. So far they are laughing to your faces while the do what they do right in front of us! Tome to wel up these sick fucks and show we are taking control !!!!!!! #WWG1WGA

  23. Christine Andrews Christine Andrews September 4, 2019


  24. Uraeus ahmen Uraeus ahmen September 4, 2019

    We must go further than Jesus, history shows it was religion that got us all in this satanic culture.

  25. Sam Sam September 6, 2019

    We are living in the last days- the days of Noah. Human sacrifice has gone on from the beginning of time- there is nothing new under the sun. The evil deeds of the elite are beginning to surface for in the last days the anti christ will reign. One world religion will be that of a satanic nature, bold and in your face. We as children of GOD need to understand that our LORD and saviour has already given us victory. All these things must come to pass but the days will be shortened. Hold your child tight and realize how blessed you are to be able to do just that. “Suffer the children unto me.” JESUS

  26. Jane Smith Jane Smith September 6, 2019

    I call B.S.

  27. Carolyn Page Carolyn Page September 8, 2019

    Human Trafficking is at an all time high and many stars have confirmed it why do the ones who refuse it suddenly drop out of making movies because they won’t join in. Just like the click at school if you don’t do as they say you out. It’s happening and some of the biggest names in Government are Satanist, that is why they hate Trump he won’t join in and the man prays to the God of the Bible. They want him out so they can continue their EVIL. BELIEVE IT, BE READY AND KEEP LOOKING UP THERE IS ONLY ONE SAVIOR AND THAT’S JESUS.

  28. Gypsys Angel Gypsys Angel September 10, 2019


  29. Kiran Kiran September 10, 2019

    I think it time that Jesus comes quickly and save us. God bless all.

  30. Jessy James Jessy James September 10, 2019

    War is the only solution now. For there are to many of them. It is a battle between good and evil a clash is coming and all should be alert and prepared. It is unavoidable. My advice stay connected to people that will go to war with you when the war pops off it will go down every where including right where you stand.

  31. Laurie b Laurie b September 10, 2019

    Heather died from septic shock and cardiac arrest. She had crohns disease and a bowel obstruction caused her intestines to rupture. The hollywood exec said that to bait McCauley and scare him into do whatever he wanted. Fortunately McCauley was smart.

  32. Jim Jim September 11, 2019

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    blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

  33. Fuil Ort Fuil Ort September 14, 2019

    I’m seeing articles on this all the way going as far as last year ….

    You guys and the politics.. I hate sports but cannot wait for you guys to be crying about “YOUR” football teams that you DO NOT play for instead of this shit. You guys got all the answers. Morons with smartphones. Yeah build the fucking wall because no one is already tunneling from the underground…
    I hate both side of the politics.
    Warm baths and razor blades; that way you dont cry about guns.

    Fuck dumbass humans especially ones that believe in some invisible man that lives in the sky…does he get pissed that NASA keeps shooting rockets through his living room floor as he tries to watch the news on another school shooting that he “created’…?
    Yeah trust you guys voting..and driving..
    I truly hope some of you are right and we all get nuked.. because living with you IS Hell.
    Go Die
    And dont forget your hashtag

  34. bea bea October 2, 2019

    I like the helpful information you provide in your articles.
    I will bookmark your blog and check again here
    regularly. I’m quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  35. MajorJulie MajorJulie October 12, 2019

    I have read so many content on the topic of the blogger lovers except this piece of writing is really a pleasant piece of writing, keep it up.|

  36. October 17, 2019

    Posted by Hervй (here) Macaulay Culkin: Satanic Hollywood ElitesMurder Children During Rituals DAILY NEWS – With John B Wells August 30, 2019 Former child star exposes entertainment industry execs who sacrifice young actors Former child star Macauley Culkin has blown the whistle on the entertainment industry elite to reveal that Hollywood studio executives are

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