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The body count rises! For years, those who have ever had any connection to anything that may be able to put Hillary Clinton behind bars seem to end up dead. This is always under suspicious circumstances but never with any ending answers nor justice. Another body can now be linked to the Hillary death train.

Kurt Smolek used to work for the Hillary Clinton’s State Department in Cambodia as an OSAC Diplomatic Security Agent. More recently, he could be connected to and could have possibly outed much-needed information into the PizzaGate scandal. Now, suddenly, his body was being pulled out of the Potomac River.

Ever since Trump got into office, liberals continue to prove how far they’re willing go in order to bury their dirty secrets. Members of the DNC will simply kill off whoever stands in the way of their agenda. Now the dead body of a federal agent was just pulled from the Potomac River on Wednesday, with a startling tie to the infamous queen of murder, Hillary Clinton.

It’s truly startling the massive trail of dead bodies that keep accumulating around Hillary Clinton, as this crooked swamp wench will simply kill off anyone who gets a little too cozy with her secrets. Now another State employee by the name of Kurt Smolek is dead, and his possible ties to PizzaGate and Hillary’s child traffic ring is starting to be questioned. Up until 2015, Smolek had worked for the Hillary Clinton State Dept in Cambodia as an OSAC Diplomatic Security Agent.



  1. Methos Methos November 3, 2019

    The body count rises with the same description “a person with credible evidence on Hillary mysteriously turns up dead”. It happens over and over yet any attempt to investigate is put down.

    • Doug Miller Doug Miller November 3, 2019

      …. and they want us to believe in “The Rule of Law”?

      It is a laughingstock in the US as it is in Canada, the home of the most corrupt politicians and political system in the world, as well as in the UK, the new home of a police state created to cover up the slime of the pedophile government – no, not just the Lords and Judiciary, the entire ball of slime they laughingly call government – all one large pedophile circle jerk….. much like the US Congress come to think about it.

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