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List Of Companies Ripe For A Boycott For Censoring Free Speech To Cater To Communist China – Big Corp Bowing To Tyranny Is A Major Alarm Warning Where America Is Heading!

 ‘China’s model of scientific state-run evil is the world’s greatest threat to humanity’

Although this new ANP story may cause an ‘international incident‘ of some sort, maybe it’s about time.

We’re now witnessing a perfect example of how globalism stifles free speech and freedom here in America, with the National Basketball Association caving to the totalitarian nation of China with the almighty dollar sign looming large in the NBA’s eyes and the Communist nation of China making the league well aware it doesn’t appreciate mere paying US customers having the right to voice their opinions over what’s now happening in Hong Kong. If China had their way, NO American would be able to speak freely about their tyranny.

And with China’s mass surveillance and ‘authoritarian police state‘ clearly a ‘model for America‘ and the unfolding nightmare here, it’s clear that present-day ‘Communist China‘ is close to the exact reason America’s Founding Fathers incorporated the 2nd Amendment into the US Constitution, with all such totalitarian government’s which dominate and abuse their people to no end deserving to fall. So we’ll be taking a look within this ANP story at all of the ruckus now surrounding China and the NBA at a time when many US companies are joining the NBA in stifling the freedom of Americans to speak freely and interestingly, these events have also served to bring some Democrats and Republicans together.

We’ll also take a look below at a lengthy list of US companies that have already given in to Communist China censorship, companies that are clearly ‘ripe for a boycott‘ with most of them started right here and based in America.  As The Federalist reports in this new story, “China’s ultimate goal is to control American culture, and companies should resist it“. But with most US companies also bowing to the bottom line, we don’t expect that to happen and with US companies caving to tyranny a sign of where America is headed, it is absolutely up to ‘we the American people‘ to do the ‘resisting‘.

But first, to anyone from the totalitarian government of China who might happen to be reading this story right now and are on the edge of blowing a ‘brain gasket‘ over the content it contains, all we can say is, if you don’t like what we have to say, you don’t have to read us, but we certainly aren’t going to tone down our stories on the part of China and we absolutely bow to no man nor government.