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Leftists accuse black driver who killed white Seattle protester of being a ‘white supremacist’

by Lorie Wimble

Is it possible for an African-American to be a white supremacist? Sure. But it’s highly unlikely and there is no evidence of that seen so far.

Black Lives Matter activists were disappointed to find out last week that the driver who hit two of their I-5 highway protesters in Seattle—including 24-year-old Summer Taylor who died from her injuries—is an African-American man. They had hoped to paint this as another instance of white supremacy by a Caucasian man trying to kill protesters. But Dawit Kelete, the man who police arrested immediately following the incident, is Black.

One might think that would put an end to their claims that white supremacy and racism were the underlying causes of the incident. But such details were unable to sway many of the radical left activists from continuing with their unhinged claims. To them, it doesn’t matter that the accused is Black. In their eyes, he’s likely still a white supremacist.

Dawit Kelete

It’s not impossible for their theory to be true. Then again, it’s not impossible for any such theory to be true. There’s no evidence for it, and considering what’s at stake with all of the racial tensions in the nation today, speculating about the motives of anyone until their more clear is irresponsible and continues to drive a wedge between people.

What seems much more likely is that Cultural Marxist ideology driving many of the radical progressives in the Black Lives Movement need to see this as race-driven in order to reconcile with their worldview. Otherwise, their foundation shatters beneath them.

The biggest problem for the racists among Black Lives Matter activists today is that they have to force their narrative into every situation. They only see one problem in the world. When all you have is an Antifa hammer…

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