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Lawsuit Says “Fortnite” Intentionally Designed to Be as Addictive as Cocaine, Ruin Lives

The lawsuit accuses Epic Games of enlisting “psychologists to help make the game addictive.”

(TMU) — The company behind Fortnite is facing a lawsuit that accuses the makers of the online game of intentionally designing it to be addictive.

The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of two parents in Quebec and seeks class-action status, also accuses Epic Games of creating a game that is “as addictive as cocaine.”

Last week a legal notice was filed in Quebec’s Superior Court that accused the U.S.-based company of designing a game meant to hook its users, Global News reported. The complaint also said that players of the game have been forced to seek treatment for their addiction.

Alessandra Esposito Chartrand of Calex Legal, the firm representing the parents, said:

“[Their boys] had all the symptoms of severe dependence _ addiction –(and) it caused severe stress in the families as well.

“It’s the same legal basis [past tobacco lawsuits] – the duty to inform about a dangerous product and responsibility of the manufacturer.”


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