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Kissinger: World War III will come and Muslims will turn to ashes … (Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf”)

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger made loud and dangerous statements after being swallowed up by a long silence until people almost forgot his existence.
“The Third World War is on the way, and Iran will be the starting point in that war, in which Israel will have to kill as many Arabs as possible and occupy half of the Middle East,” Kissinger said in an interview with the DailyScape.
“We have told the US military that we are forced to occupy seven countries in the Middle East because of their strategic importance, especially because they contain oil and other economic resources. There is only one step left, which is to strike Iran,” he said.
“When China and Russia move from their stupidity, the big bang and the Great War will have been won, and only one force, Israel and America, will win,” he said. “Israel will have to fight with all its strength and weapons to kill as many Arabs as possible. And the occupation of half of the Middle East. “
“The drums of war are already ringing in the Middle East, and the deaf is the only one who does not hear them,” Kissinger said, noting that if things went well, from his point of view, Israel would control half of the Middle East.
Kissinger noted that American and European young people have been well trained in the fighting in the last 10 years, and when they are ordered to go out to fight the crazy ones, they will obey orders and turn them [Muslims] into ashes.
We haved hired or purchased many local nationals from these islamic countries and they are working for our plans as we have done heavy investment on them. These are doing well beyond our expectations. Due to these traitors we are very near to our planned goals.
Kissinger also stated that “America and Israel have prepared coffins for Russia and Iran, and Iran will be the last nail in this coffin, after America gave them a chance to recover and a false sense of power. Then they will fall forever, so that America (Freemasonry) can build a new world community, where there will be only one government with superpower. “
Kissinger confirmed that he had a great dream at the moment that his vision of events was realized. For those who do not know Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State and one of the most famous emperors of world rule and the architects of the new world order, he was born in 1923 in Germany to a Jewish family.
Full meeting in English in DailyScape 👇🏻👇🏻



  1. Doug Miller Doug Miller January 7, 2020

    The old Empire fart that has never experienced an active front line in his miserable succubus-modelling life wants to send all YOUR children to die in wars from which he and his friends profit.

    Does that not sound a bit strange, wrong, and suitable for actionable retort?

  2. Methos Methos January 7, 2020

    Yes, I agree we are headed right into a 3rd world war. It won’t happen suddenly but it will happen as Russia and China really don’t want it and they don’t want to lose America as a world piggy bank. But as things drag on, there will be no negotiated peace. Instead there will be a steady march toward world war and a total rearrangement of the middle east.
    Meanwhile on the home-front… Civil War! The Commiecrats are making a last ditch effort to go full blown socialism and “we the people” are not having it. This is our last chance to take our country back or loose it forever and the price will be paid in blood because we waited too long to deal with it.

  3. Jason L Jason L January 7, 2020

    Sounds like Kissinger is going senile.

    Even if the middle east gets turned into a huge parking lot, he’s forgetting that their people are flocking into western countries in droves. And guess what? They’re bringing all their problems, grievances, and baggage with them.

    They’ll win, too. The fat, lazy, ignorant morons in the west are not even motivated enough to get their acts together for their own sake. That’s why they beg for socialism – because they want the government to coddle them. But they sure as hell aren’t motivated to prepare for what’s coming, when our new neighbors turn our streets and neighborhoods into warzones, not unlike Sweden and the UK.

    Spicy times ahead.

    • Llllllll Llllllll January 8, 2020

      To the amazement america was unable to win the war in Afghanistan.they would never be able to kill the Arabs .He is so called Jew never stopped living in fallacy .moreover,like the other Jews he is afraid of Quranic prophecy of Muslim return to power .so ,mister kissinger keep ur coffin tight because. We hate Americans till the end of our lives

  4. Canada Canada January 8, 2020

    The Holy Bible – The Book Of Revalation ….
    Haven’t You Read A Good Book Lately?

  5. Mbekiseni Ndlangamandla Mbekiseni Ndlangamandla January 8, 2020

    It is possible that 3rd world war come into action, but I believe it can be prevented or avoided, Dr. Kissinger might be wrigh but war is not the only solution.

  6. Kami Kami January 13, 2020

    Mr kissinger is forgetting what happened to Americans in vietnam and whats going on with them in afghanistan ..thay want an exit from afghan war with dignity but its not coming forth inspite of the efforts they are msking .a war can be started consciously by any country byt once begun no one can stop it and at the end it is very difficult to hudge who one .above all war is never the solution…..

  7. Canada Canada March 12, 2020

    Three Months Later…….
    President Trump Is Proven To Be A Great President For At The Moment There Is No Third World War……

  8. Ingram March Ingram March May 1, 2020

    This hate-filled Zionist dog is delusional. First, Iran is Shiites and most Muslims don’t care about then. Secondly, Arabs, which Iranians are not, comprise a mere 12% of the total world Muslim population of 1.7 billion residing in a wide range of nations throughout the earth. You would have to destroy the earth and everyone in to burn “all the Muslims”. Thirdly, when Muslims feel their religion is threatened, even mediocre ones, they will be more than willing to die for the sake of their faith, while Israeli’s will be wanting to get back to living one of the highest GDPs thanks to US handouts and having gay shabangs in the world LGBT capital Tel Aviv,, Americans getting home to get luck, get stoned, and get laid, and Europeans back to swinging and child molesting

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