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Kanye West claims Democrats have ‘brainwashed’ black Americans and ‘make them abort their children’ in explosive new interview

  • Kanye West has given an explosive interview to radio host Big Boy
  • The controversial rapper argues that black Americans have given up their control and bargaining power by voting en masse for Democrats 
  • He further claims Democrats promote policies that are harmful to black Americans, including a support for abortion, which ‘lowers their population’ 
  • The born-again Christian rapper went on to say he wasn’t fearful of being ‘cancelled’ for his controversial views, stating: ‘I’m only afraid of my daddy, God’

Kanye West claims black Americans have been ‘brainwashed’ into voting for  the Democratic Party despite the fact the party promotes policies that are harmful to them.

The controversial rapper, 42, made the declaration in an explosive interview with radio host Big Boy on Friday while promoting his new Christian-themed album, Jesus Is King.

When asked about his support for President Donald Trump, West explained that he doesn’t believe it is smart for black Americans to bloc vote for Democrats, claiming: ‘You are quite easily controlled if they know everybody gonna be blue [Democrat]. If you go to a white [person] bar, you gonna hear people talking Independent, you gonna hear people talking Democrat, you gonna hear people talking Republican’.

In the 2016 Presidential Election, 88% of black Americans voted Democrat, while only 8% of that same demographic voted Republican.