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Jon Voight, 81, leads prayers to rid the world of the coronavirus… and asks God to protect President Trump and his family

He was spotted on Sunday stocking up on paper towels while at Gelson’s supermarket in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Sherman Oaks.

And two days later, Jon Voight took to his Twitter as he led a prayer to God to rid the world of the coronavirus, which is now a global pandemic.

The Oscar-winning actor and spirited supporter of Donald Trump, 81, told fellow Americans that ‘we will rid this virus’ as he asked God to ‘wipe away the curse that has taken us down with fear.’

Jon, who is the father of Angelina Jolie, also specifically said ‘God bless this nation and the entire creation,’ as well as specifically asking God to protect ‘our president and his family.’

He said in the Twitter video: ‘This nation is under God with liberty. Joshua has lifted his arc and will show his kingdom that this virus will not wipe out his men. He will battle to the end and he will show Jesus the prayer.’

Jon continued: ‘Oh Mighty. Oh Lord bring us to our feet to love you more. Oh Lord, oh our Savior, teach us more but lift this veil over our heads. Wipe away the curse that has taken us down with fear. Oh Lord give us peace on our holy land, give us peace for our children and elders.’

Adding: ‘Oh Lord give us light to shine on our souls so we may strong to fight. Oh Lord, we are all one with you.’

Jon concluded with: ‘My fellow Americans, we will rid this virus. We will be strong because we are the greatest gift to mankind. We are all God’s children. God bless this nation and the entire creation and may God protect our president and his family. Love to you.’

He tweeted out the clip with the caption: This Nation Is Under God.’

On Sunday, Jon was snapped as he stocked up on paper towels at a local grocery store in Sherman Oaks amid the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down schools, businesses and more across the world.

The global coronavirus pandemic has reached over 200,00 confirmed cases and over 8,222 deaths as of Wednesday afternoon.

Domestically, there has been 7,323 confirmed cases in the US with 115 deaths, as of Wednesday afternoon.

The risk of serious illness as a result of COVID-19 is particularly high for those in Jon’s age group, as senior citizens and those with compromised immune systems are most susceptible to respiratory failure, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control.

Jon is father to Angelina, 44, and also James Haven, 46; their mother was actress Marcheline Bertrand, to whom Jon was married from 1971 until 1980.

 Marcheline passed away in 2007 from ovarian and breast cancer at the age of 56.


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  1. John W John W March 20, 2020

    Thank you Jon! God bless you and your family, and thank you for praying and caring for our great Nation and all of the People. These are trying times that we have never experienced before. How we act and conduct ourselves , our cooperation, help and aid to those who need it , will surely define who we the future..I join Jon in his Prayer for Protection and Guidance , Blessings and Divine Order. God bless America, and the World!

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