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John Kerry to Workers Whose Jobs Were Killed by Biden: You Can Go Make Solar Panels


  1. Jeff Fletcher Jeff Fletcher January 28, 2021

    John Kerry is nothing more then the problem that plagues this nation he has no clue what us worker ants contend with to make a living its not that easy to change how you earn a living cause he’s never had to do that put your bigboy pants on asshole and get out in the trenches with the rset of us then tell me how you feel .

  2. DesertChick DesertChick January 29, 2021

    Lurch here has never had to work a real job. Lurch latched on to his present wife for her money. He is nothing but a stinking Gigilo. So he shoots off his pie hole about something he knows absolutely nothing about and that is working for a living. He is a Parasite.

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