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It truly appears that the fix is in

We saw it coming from a mile away and most of us didn’t do enough to stop it. Is it too late? I think not. I pray it isn’t.

Chances are strong this article won’t get the attention it needs. It will be censored. It will be “fact-checked” to oblivion by Big Tech and I’m devastated by my own failings in building an audience outside of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. But hopefully it can spread in other ways.

What we’re seeing happening in Michigan and Wisconsin is nothing short of election theft. That is unambiguous to anyone who is paying attention. But they’re having trouble revealing it to other Americans because, on cue, it’s being censored across the board. The President’s Tweets are being hit. Prominent conservatives’ Facebook and Twitter posts are being suppressed.

For those who are just coming in on the topic I’m conspicuously dancing around, it appears that the election really is being stolen right before our eyes. Michigan and Wisconsin are seeing voting totals materialize overnight that make it clear the fix is in. And they’re not even trying to hide it. In Michigan, an overnight vote update added 138,339 votes to Vice President Joe Biden’s totals. That same updated yield… wait for it… ZERO votes for President Trump.

Here is a screenshot from voting totals between a single update:

Michigan Election Fraud

This is fraudulent prima facie. If it was a “clerical” error that was being corrected, it’s one that’s so hideous it deserves a very direct explanation that never came. If it’s “legitimate” in how it’s being reported, then it’s undeniable voter fraud. There is absolutely zero chance a batch of over 100,000 votes came in for Joe Biden with ZERO coming in on that batch for President Trump.

In Wisconsin, the same thing appears to have happened.

Wisconsin Election Fraud

As Steve Deace noted, this is a coup:


We saw this coming. But even after I posted the article revealing how it was going to go down followed up by an interview with Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney that reiterated the point, I was still reluctant to believe it would happen. It’s not that I didn’t think they could pull it off or even that they wouldn’t try. Call me delusional, but I thought we could expose it enough to make the masses realize the fix was in. At this point, I’m nearly certain that won’t be the case.


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  1. K K November 5, 2020

    This should ultimately go to the Supreme court. This is why the GOP got so much pushback for Coney Barrett appointment. Pray…

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