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In Italy, the Coronavirus remedy was finally found


Thanks to Italian Doctors who finally disobeyed WHO’s Global Health Law not to perform an autopsy on the dead Coronavirus and they discovered that it is NOT a VIRUS but BACTERIA that causes Death!!! It causes Blood Clots to form and results in the Death of the Patient. Families World Wide should start asking for Autopsies on their Dead Relatives!

🔷Italy beats the so-called Covid-19, which is nothing more than “Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation” (Thrombosis).

🔷 And the way to fight or cure it is with “antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants” like simple ASPIRIN … which indicates that this disease has been poorly treated.
This sensational news for the whole world was produced by Italian Doctors who performed Autopsies on corpses produced by Covid-19.
🔷 Even more, according to Italian pathologists: “The respirators were never necessary, nor the intensive care units.” The Respirators helped to kill many.

🔷So therefore in Italy the change of protocols has started, ITALY IS REVOLVING AND ENDING WHAT WHO CALLED PANDEMIC WORLDWIDE. This remedy, the Chinese already knew and did not report it, but TO DO BUSINESS. Shame China!
Source of this information: ITALY Ministry of Health.

Covid-19 … which is not a virus as we were led to believe, but a bacterium … amplified by 5 G electromagnetic radiation which also produces inflammation and hypoxia,

You are going to take 100 mg of aspirin and Apronax (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that fights inflammation and pain, lowers fever and thins the blood) or paracetamol

Why? … because it has been shown that Covid-19 causes blood to clot, which leads to thrombosis and that blood does not circulate and oxygenate the heart and lungs, which is why no one dies quickly because they cannot breathe.

In Italy, they sent the WHO protocol to hell and they made the autopsy of a corpse which died because of Covid-19 … they cut the body and they opened the arms and the legs and other parts of the body and they realized that the veins were dilated and the blood clotted and that all the veins and arteries were full of clots, preventing the blood from circulating normally and bringing oxygen to all organs, mainly the brain, heart and lungs and the patient eventually died,
Knowing this diagnosis, the Italian Ministry of Health immediately modified the treatment protocols for Covid-19 … and began administering 100 mg aspirin and Apranax to its positive patients … The result Patients started to recover and show improvement, and the Ministry of Health sent more than 14,000 patients home in one day.
IT IS URGENT to transmit this information and make it viral! Here in ITALY, our country, they Lied to us, with this pandemic; the only thing our President comes out every day to tell us is Data and Statistics, but not to give us this information that can Save Citizens. Is it perhaps because he would also be threatened by the world’s elites? … Thanks to America’s Leader President Donald Trump who opened the eyes of many, when he singly Sanctioned WHO. We know, America is not done with WHO / China! Thank you President D. Trump for your Fearless Leadership for standing against the evils in the world. We hope many Leaders will do same.
We do not know what the governments of the world are doing, but Italy has decided to circumvent the rule, because they were already overwhelmed and in a serious chaos of daily Deaths.
Now WHO will be prosecuted Worldwide for covering so many DEATHS and the COLLAPSE of the Economies of many countries around the World. We now understand why they gave the order to INCINERATE or to Bury the Bodies immediately without performing an autopsy … labeling them as highly polluting …! Shame on the WHO! All other countries should NOT bow to WHO. They are killing many people through the wearing of the mask. Use your brain! Many people will Die in the coming months ahead because of Mask wearing/Hypoxia/Hypoxemia/Blood Clotting in major Blood vessels. Don’t accept wrong Diagnosis, and Sue the Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals for negligence! These demonic Lies must stop! Bill Gates and his Cohorts must be arrested, and persecuted. No to any Vaccine against the so called Coronavirus! It’s all a Hoax.
It is in our hands to bring out the TRUTH and HOPE to people to SAVE many LIVES.


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