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Impeachment trial: The six Republican senators Trump and McConnell should worry about

Historic Trump impeachment calls for a new chapter in ‘Profiles in Courage.’ From Alexander and Collins to Murkowski and Romney, 6 possible authors.

Since the 2018 elections produced a Democratic majority in the House, every discussion about impeachment has begun and ended with the assumption that the Republican-controlled Senate would brush aside any impeachment, line up behind Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and exonerate President Donald Trump. As Brookings scholar William Galston told The Washington Post last fall, “There’s a reason why ‘Profiles in Courage’ is a very short book.”

This historic moment would be a good time for a new chapter. If we look at individual senators, men and women facing the most consequential decision of their careers, it seems quite possible that Trump’s presidency does not rest on a strong foundation; rather, it hangs by a slim thread.

Just four Republican senators will make the difference between a quick, cursory trial and calling witnesses who could turn the tide toward conviction and removal.


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  1. Jeff Martin Jeff Martin January 13, 2020

    Another partisan story from USA Today. Wish I’d known that before I started reading it. Shame on you for posting something from USA Has Been!

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