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I just want to make sure we’re talking about the same judge John Gleeson

Is this the same John Gleason who implemented “imaginary supervisory powers” for the judiciary, (himself) in the HSBC money laundering case? That were later overturned as inappropriate? 
These imaginary supervisory powers of the HSBC money laundering scandal allowed judge Gleeson to help Obama/Holder/Hillary/Lynch cover their money laundering crimes to Libya (Benghazi), Iran,the Mexican drug cartels, Russian interests, and their personal “off shore” accts. 
We know there were weapons involved in Benghazi, ever wondered how the money was transferred for them? 
In my letter to the President I am detailing the money transfers, as well as very specific information on how those and many other weapons have been transferred.
In the HSBC case dozens of DOJ prosecutors recommended criminal charges for top officials at HSBC but Obama/Holder stopped that . And judge Gleeson maintained everything as a civil case. Better control. Gleeson even took the unbelievable step to monitor the case for five years, 
Just to make sure his friends weren’t exposed. The same Gleeson who is helping Sullivan, Sullivan who is friends with Obama, Holder, Lynch.🙄
All of this helped Obama transfer billions of dollars in cash to Iran later. And siphon off their cut of course. 
And this is the judge Gleeson who is playing prosecutor in the General Flynn case?
Judge John Gleeson has for years abused his position on the bench to cover the crimes of his friends. He MUST keep General Flynn guilty. Gleeson will do whatever he can to see that General Flynn 
is convicted. Anything else would expose the crimes he is complicit in hiding, and profited from. He has once again claimed “bizarre judicial/legal powers” to help convict an innocent man and cover his own ass.🙏🙏🙏 


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