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HUGE! CIA “Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella Worked with DNC Operative Alexandra Chalupa in Creation of Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

Alexandra Chalupa and Eric Ciaramella

The Mueller special counsel was created based on a bogus dossier with connections back to the Ukraine.

As we reported in December 2018, Ukrainian official Andrii Telizhenko was approached by DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa in early 2016.  Chalupa wanted dirt on candidate Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort.  The Ukrainian embassy in Washington DC worked CLOSELY with the DNC operative Chalupa.

Chalupa told Andrii she wanted Russian “dirt” on the Trump campaign.

 The Gateway Pundit spoke with Telizhenko on the DNC Russia-gate Scandal –

Alexandra Chalupa was apparently hired by the DNC going as far back as 2013.  According to Politico, shortly before the election:

A daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who maintains strong ties to the Ukrainian-American diaspora and the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, Chalupa, a lawyer by training, in 2014 was doing pro bono work for another client interested in the Ukrainian crisis and began researching Manafort’s role in Yanukovych’s rise, as well as his ties to the pro-Russian oligarchs who funded Yanukovych’s political party.”

According to Politico, Chalupa claimed that in October of 2015 she began investigating Trump’s ties to Russia. Why she began this investigation is completely unknown.  The only thing of significance that had happened at this point was that Trump announced he was running for office. There was no apparent triggering event. Candidate Trump had very limited contact with Russia or Russia businessmen.

Lying Adam Schiff’s dungeon impeachment sham is based on this exact same scenario.  President Trump asked the Ukraine’s newly elected leader to look into the beginnings of the Russia Witchhunt in the Ukraine.  Liberal Democrats believe this is a crime even though their bogus Mueller investigation started based on the exact same bogus actions tied to the Ukraine and Chalupa.

And now we know that the CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella worked with Chalupa in the creation of the Trump-Russia hoax.

Ciaramella worked closely with corrupt DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa back in 2015.
Via Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations.