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If you have a military surplus store near you, then you probably already know that it’s a pretty decent place to find some great things to toss in your prepper supply or an emergency bag.  Because of that, here are a few items you can look for next time you head over there!

Bags – Good quality backpacks and bags can often be found at military surplus stores. You can get some incredible deals on these items! I have several small bags I found that I use to keep ammunition in both when I go shooting and to store at home.

Boots – you can also find lightly used and new combat boots. If you like the fit and these types of boots are comfortable for you, this a good place to grab a pair for cheap!

Socks –  I am always in the market for good quality, warm, lightweight, and breathable socks.  Military surplus stores often carry several choices and it’s nice to pick up a few pairs whenever I go in. Wearing them and learning which are the best is a great way to spot finds in other stores too, such as outdoor types (Cabela’s.) The socks are not used or worn, they are just made for the military.

Tents – From small military pup tents to large canvas tents made for 10-12 soldiers, you can find it at a military surplus store. Smaller stores are not going to have these out on display. A few places that specialize in the big military surplus that may have come out during the summer. If you are interested in a tent it is best to talk personally to someone at the surplus store or email them an inquiry. This tip comes from Backdoor Survival.


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