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How the media will spin it if Barr and Durham indict

U.S. attorney John Durham has an exceptional reputation for honesty and being unbiased — but now Democrats and their wholly owned legacy media are singing, “BARR IS TRUMP’S ATTORNEY,” so Durham is tainted.  They are already preparing for what they fear and many others are hoping for: arrests and indictments of those who plotted to overthrow Trump with a rigged investigation and fictional “Russian collusion.”  This will come, perhaps in the coming months, and lead to a huge fight as Democrats claim that any arrests and indictments are just further obstruction of justice.  That is ridiculous, but Mr. Schiff and company are already pushing that, such as claiming that insisting on one’s legal rights is “obstruction.”

Expect legacy media, the likes of CNN and the Washington Post, to downplay any arrests and continue what they have been doing for the last few years: lying.  Facts are no longer honorable with legacy media as they work with Democrats to present their crafted version of reality, wherein Adam Schiff is a much abused hero valiantly trying to thwart the “white supremacist” and “racist” Donald Trump.  The ends justify the means to progressives, as they have repeatedly shown since 2016, when President Trump demolished their narrative and Hillary did not win in a landslide.  They will twist facts and ignore events with glee.  If you think they were hostile before, wait until arrests are made.  So any arrests are all to distract from Trump’s “crimes”, such as trying to fix illegal immigration and getting us of the Paris Climate Accord.  And as they did with Justice Kavanaugh, they will create false accusations of criminal or immoral behavior against Barr and Durham to discredit them.

When you control a majority of the media and you can invent news, you hold a great deal of power.  Great economy under Trump?  Not according to legacy media.  Imagine for a moment what an unbiased media would have done with the Steele dossier; the connections to Clinton and Democrats would have been exposed.  Instead, reality was ridiculed: Trump’s claims of being spied upon and Trump Tower being bugged were “right-wing conspiracy theories” when they now appear to be true.