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Holy Schiff, Is That The Best Democrats Have On Impeachment?

On today’s podcast we get into everything from the first day of the impeachment hearings and how it was disastrous to the case Democrats are hoping to make.

“Listen to the show” 

It was billed as “historic,” but it was really just a game of telephone. On day one of the impeachment hearings the witnesses Democrats called offered nothing but rumors and stories they’ve heard second- and third-hand from other people.

Republicans effectively countered Democrats at every turn, even going so far as getting the witnesses to admit they’ve never even met or spoken to the President. Call it hearsay is an understatement.

The only way it could’ve gone worse for Democrats was if one of their witnesses confessed to making the whole thing up. And the White House couldn’t have been happier after it ended.

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  1. Jack Jack November 14, 2019

    It’s more than they need. What you are witnessing is mere political theater. Impeachment is a foregone conclusion. Conviction isn’t. Stop wasting our time with self-serving T.V. B.S.

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