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Hillaween Part 3: Clinton rises from dead, creaks open door to 2020 run


Like an unkillable zombie, she’s back.

Well, she never really left, did she?

Hillary Clinton is the undead. Nearly three years after her humiliating defeat to President Trump, the two-time loser is the talk of the political world. Everyone wants to know one thing: Will she or won’t she? Even conservative blogger Matt Drudge got in on the act Tuesday, posting a picture of Clinton wearing a witch’s hat with the all-capitals headline: “Dem HalloweenHillary leaves door open.”

Just days before All Hallow’s Eve, Mrs. Clinton is rising from the dead to skulk across the misty moors.

Mrs. Clinton and daughter Chelsea were at Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday hawking their new book when a moderator brought up 2020. “All that matters is that we win,” Mrs. Clinton said, according to KGW8-TV.

“I hate to be so, you know, simplistic about it. We have to nominate the best —” she said. Just then, an audience member interrupted, yelling: “You!”