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Hillary having on-camera seizures, Biden losing his mind every time he talks, Amy Klobuchar violently shaking: Why do Democrats seem so SICK?

(Natural News) Yet another left-wing Democrat, this time presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar, has experienced a physical health breakdown on the national stage, which begs the question: What’s going on with the neurological health of all these crazy liberals?

During a recent debate, Klobuchar violently shook and trembled on the debate stage for about an hour as she discussed the usual left-wing talking points about “Russian collusion,” the impeachment proceedings, and everything she doesn’t like about President Trump.

While answering one particular debate question, Klobuchar was seen and heard reciting words from her script completely out of order, as her head and mouth bobbed and she appeared to be experiencing some kind of micro-seizure or some other related health problem.

“But let me make very clear that what this impeachment proceeding about is really our democracy at stake,” Klobuchar stated, failing to utter the word “is” in its proper place when describing what, in her view, the impeachment proceeding “is really” about.

“This is a president that not only with regard to his conduct with Ukraine, but every step of the way, puts his own private interests, his own partisan interests, his own political interests in front of our country’s interests, and this is wrong,” Klobuchar went on to recite, her body visibly shaking in a very disturbing way.

Nearly every leftist Democrat has experienced some dramatic health problem while being filmed, but the mainstream media is pretending as though everything is just fine

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suffered similar health problems while campaigning, including that infamous interview she gave where her head started to violently bob up and down.

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As you may recall, Hillary has experienced many other anomalous health problems over the years, including the trouble she has walking up and down stairs, or standing outside in New York City in the summertime, which has caused many to question her physical fitness were she to ever be elected to another political office.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has also experienced his own fair share of health problems, including during a recent “town hall” event when something was visibly wrong with his left eye.

It appeared to viewers as if Biden’s left eye suddenly filled up with blood while he was speaking, which could indicate an aneurysm or some other blood vessel “burst” requiring surgery or other health intervention.

The left-wing media of course glossed over the incident, but cognizant viewers clearly observed that Biden isn’t exactly healthy, not to mention all of the times he’s veered off while speaking into other topics as if he has dementia.

One by one, we’re seeing these Democratic contenders fall mysteriously ill while campaigning, and the mainstream media is pretending as though everything is A-Okay with these potential “leaders” and “public servants.”

Is it that these candidates are under an incredible amount of stress from all of their lying? Lying for a living is stressful, after all, as is having to go around doing it day

and night while being a senior citizen, which is the age category to which many of these candidates belong.



  1. Troy Clopton Troy Clopton November 27, 2019

    Demonic possession?

  2. Daniel k Pulkrabek Daniel k Pulkrabek November 28, 2019

    Do these writers proof read their articles? I hate when spell check totally changes the words I try to write

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