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Ghislaine Maxwell And Kevin Spacey Sat On Buckingham Palace Throne After ‘Prince Andrew Tour Invite’

Ghislaine Maxwell And Kevin Spacey Sat On Buckingham Palace Throne After 'Prince Andrew Tour Invite'
Ghislaine Maxwell And Kevin Spacey Sat On Buckingham Palace Throne After ‘Prince Andrew Tour Invite’


GHISLAINE Maxwell and Oscar winner Kevin Spacey were given a guided tour of Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew, it has emerged.

A resurfaced photograph shows the pair sitting on the Queen’s throne while laughing during the visit in 2002.

This comes as Maxwell, 58, was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire, US, on six charges of sex trafficking and perjury relating to her relationship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Spacey, 60, who is a two-time Academy Award winning actor, has seen his glittering career destroyed by multiple allegations of sexual misconduct – claims he strongly denies.

There is nothing to suggest that Kevin Spacey or Prince Andrew were aware of the alleged crimes of Maxwell and Epstein.

According to reports, Prince Andrew, 60, arranged the tour of Buckingham Palace for the Hollywood star, shamed British socialite Maxwell and former US president Bill Clinton.

Epstein is not believed to have attended the trip although he did previously stay at both Sandringham and Windsor Castle as a guest of the Andrew


A source told the Telegraph: “They were larking about on the thrones, doing regal waves.

“Ghislaine sat on the Queen’s throne with Spacey pretending to be the Duke of Edinburgh.

“No one can recall if Prince Andrew was actually in the throne room at the time but he was in charge of the visit.”

Following the visit to the palace, Clinton and Spacey travelled to Blackpool to attend the Labour Party conference that year.

Before arriving in the UK, they had spent seven days on the African continent with Epstein and Maxwell as part of a humanitarian trip for the Clinton Foundation.

Meanwhile, it emerged last night that Ghislaine is on suicide watch — after swapping her extraordinary life of luxury for a cramped jail cell.

The socialite’s every move was being monitored at Merrimack County Jail, in New Hampshire, sources have told The Sun.

It is just an hour away from the huge £800,000 home where she was holed up before the arrest.

A prison source said: “Given the death of Jeffrey Epstein in jail, everybody is obviously concerned about making sure nothing happens to Ghislaine Maxwell.


“Her security is a top priority. The case is being handled extremely sensitively.”

Yesterday, Andrew’s legal team say they have been “ghosted” by the FBI and deny claims the royal is “deliberately evading” authorities.

The Duke of York is accused of having sex with Virginia Roberts when she was a 17-year-old trafficked slave of Jeffrey Epstein – allegations Andrew strongly denies.

Attorneys representing dozens of the financier’s victims have called on Andrew to speak to prosecutors in the US.

However, Andrew’s lawyers insist they have made repeated offers to help the Department of Justice investigation including in the last 10 days.

A source said the Duke’s legal team feel that have “effectively been ghosted” by US authorities and that Andrew is “willing to offer his assistance”, reports the Mail Online.

Brad Edwards, who represents 55 women who claims Epstein abused them, insists the prince is “deliberately evading authorities” who have asked him to give a statement.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested last July but died in prison less than a month later while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking minors.

Following his death, United States Attorney General William Barr promised to go after the paedo’s accomplices.

Andrew has always strongly denied any allegations of sexual misconduct – however a televised interview with BBC Newsnight last year backfired after he said he did not regret his friendship with the sex offender.

The prince’s friendship with both Epstein and Maxwell remains firmly under the microscope.


British socialite Maxwell was arrested at a sprawling estate in Bradford, New Hampshire, yesterday over allegations she helped her former boyfriend “identify, befriend and groom” girls including one as young as 14.

The Duke was infamously pictured with his hand around the waist of his accuser Virginia Roberts while at Ghislaine’s London home in 2001.

Despite the existence of the photograph, Andrew told Newsnight he cannot remember ever meeting the woman who claims she was forced to have sex with him on three separate locations.

US lawyers are “putting strategic pressure” on the prince to go to America to do a face-to-face interview on American soil, it has been suggested.

Media lawyer Mark Stephens said the feds have “got him down as a target” and are setting a “trap” to try and get him to the US.

Mr Stephens told ITV: “They are not treating him like any ordinary suspect or witness.

“It’s a kind of trap that’s been set for Prince Andrew because they know they can’t extradite him to the US.

“What they’re trying to do is get him over voluntarily and if they think they’ve got enough evidence, charge him there.

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