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From Campus to Congress: Allied with Terror

Editor’s note: The following report released by the David Horowitz Freedom Center documents the malignant spread of Jew-hatred in our nation’s academic institutions. This year’s report presents an image of the problem at five campuses which are already well known for their tendency to harbor Jew haters and five additional institutions, not yet recognized for their promotion of Jew hatred, but which should be.

“Jew hatred is no longer solely the purview of academic outliers, those institutions known for radical activism and absurdist teachings,” the report explains. “The Jew hatred promoted by Hamas through its front group Students for Justice in Palestine has now trickled down to infect less typically activist campuses in the heartland—including the University of Minnesota which hosted this year’s National Students for Justice in Palestine conference.”

Read the introduction to the report below and click on the links to see a profile of each school.

Campuses Already Notorious for Jew-Hatred:

University of California-Los Angeles

San Francisco State University

Columbia University

University of California-Irvine

University of South Florida

Campuses which SHOULD be Notorious for Jew-Hatred:

The University of Minnesota

DePaul University

Pitzer College

Wayne State University

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


A widespread and pervasive epidemic of Jew hatred has overtaken our nation’s colleges and universities. From small liberal arts campuses to preeminent state universities, Jewish students and advocates for the state of Israel on campus report experiencing threats, intimidation, and outright hostility from university departments, individual faculty members, and most especially Hamas-linked anti-Zionist groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students Association.  Where resolutions endorsing the Hamas-funded Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, a genocidal effort to isolate and weaken the world’s only Jewish state, were once rare, over a hundred campuses have now debated such resolutions and several dozen have passed them.


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