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Fighting fake news is the best way to support the President

America’s economy is thriving. Our place on the world stage is improving dramatically after it was wrecked by the previous administration. All indicators point to continued success. 2020 would be a landslide victory for President Trump and the GOP if it weren’t for one major factor: Fake news.

Mainstream media and social media both have a stranglehold on the worldviews of millions of Americans. It’s unfortunate that so many people act like sheep, obeying the edicts from talking heads, pundits, and Democratic puppets who are trying to turn our nation into a progressive echo chamber where good is seen as evil and evil is seen as good. As the successes of the Trump administration continue to expand, the media narrative continues to grow worse. President Trump knows this and echoed what we’re saying here, that fake news media is his biggest campaign challenge for 2020.

NOQ Report is quickly becoming a beacon of real news in the American media landscape. I hate “tooting our horn” but every month we’re setting new records in traffic and exposure. But we need help to continue doing this. Our current server, which is great and has delivered for us nicely, is becoming overwhelmed by traffic spikes that continue to come in as we expose more Americans to the truth. As of today, we need another $3844 to move the site to a powerful server that will keep us up when our stories go viral. We are asking our readers to contribute what they can for this and future initiatives.

The easiest way to understand this phenomenon is to realize people are less likely to believe what someone says about themselves and more likely to believe what others are saying about them. This is why trusted media sources like NOQ Report are by far more potent at delivering a message that makes a difference in someone’s perspective regarding a candidate. It’s one thing for their campaign to say how great they are. It’s another thing altogether for someone else to tout the reasons they should be elected.


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