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Eric Ciaramella, Schiff’s ‘whistleblower” has ties to Susan Rice and Joe Biden

WASHINGTON, DC: The worst kept secret in Washington is that former NSC staffer and CIA employee Eric Ciaramella is Adam Schiff’s secret “whistleblower” in the ongoing Nancy Pelosi impeachment farce. More importantly, Ciaramella has a long history with Obama NSC advisor Susan Rice and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Add that to the list of “witnesses” before Schiff ‘s Stassi East German secret police-style lack of intelligence committee. You have a succession of partisan Trump-haters with long pedigrees of either being Democrat operatives. Deep ties to Burisma holdings. Or active participants in the George Soros Open Societies Foundations.

A steady stream of Deep State Trump-hating partisans

It is a remarkable parade. Eric Ciaramella. Ambassador Marie Yovanovich. Ambassador William Taylor. Schiff staffers and former NSC employees Abigail Grace and Sean Misko both joining the staff of his committee in August 2019.  Just in time for the “whistleblower” report to be coordinated.

Both worked with Ciaramella on the NSC in the Obama White House.



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