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Episode 1263 – T.C. Joseph

Episode 1263

Tonight we are joined by T.C. Joseph, who shares with us a very personal story that we believe will bless many others who are experiencing the immediate need to care for a sick and aging parent. T.C. put a writing career on hold for several years to care for his aging, sick mother. He speaks about making the necessary sacrifices to care for his mother, care-giving for the elderly, being an advocate for an elderly loved one and dealing with caregivers and nursing home facilities. This is a story of incredible love and sacrifice.

After a long career in New York as the worldwide controller of a fortune 20 company with 100 billion in annual revenues, TC Joseph took an early retirement package to care for his mother after her massive stroke. In order to keep his mind busy, he combined his life experience, love of bible prophecy, and interest in current events to pen his “this Generation series” of novels detailing the fulfillment of prophetic events in our generation and projecting an intriguing portrait of times on our horizon. Read more…

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Episode 1263 – T.C. Joseph

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