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Elijah Cummings Signed Subpoenas From His Death Bed – But Signatures on Two Subpoenas Don’t Match

It was revealed Thursday morning that longtime Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings (MD) died at the age of 68 on Wednesday.

Cummings was the Chairman of the very powerful House Oversight Committee and he was pumping out subpoenas while he was in hospice.

In fact, it was revealed that he signed subpoenas from his death bed just hours before he died.

Or did he?

The signatures on Cummings’s October 16 subpoenas look completely different from a September 30 subpoena so people are asking who really signed the documents.

CNN reported on Thursday that Rep, Cummings signed subpoenas directed to two US immigration agencies just hours before he died.



  1. Jack Jack October 19, 2019

    Not that I disagree with the possibility that Cummings didn’t sign these documents but what would your signature look like hours before you died? Just saying. . . . .

    • Blaze Blaze October 19, 2019

      What is he doing signing anything in hospice care? Just saying….

      • Jack Jack October 19, 2019

        Because he’s a sitting congressman and committee chair, like it or not, he had every right to do so.

  2. Patricia joanne Smith Patricia joanne Smith October 20, 2019

    must have been a “visitor” that had him sign a few papers, then the visitor made sure he never spoke again….just saying. if he was in the hospital for a few test, dying was not on the menu.

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