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Education Secretary DeVos flame-broils Left-wing education establishment’s ‘Common Core’ failure; highlights Florida’s school choice success

(TNS) The latest measure of the Left’s multi-decade takeover of American primary education has produced exactly the same results as the previous measure, and the one before that, and the one before that: Utter failure.

American kids continue to rank behind the world in basic subjects like math, reading, and science, and yet, the Marxist academics who control the American education establishment, along with their unions, with an iron fist continue to push social engineering and propaganda over rock-solid primary education principles.

Education Secretary Betsty DeVos blasted these lunatics recently, blaming them for yet another round of test score analysis that shows our kids are continuing to fall behind, not advance, in crucial fundamental areas that will hamper them for the entirety of their adult lives.

“The numbers are reason for deep concern,” she said at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., noting that most school districts around the country are not taking advantage of the Trump administration’s “education freedom” agenda. “This country has a student achievement crisis.”