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Drudge tries to spook Trump voters again

Another Friday and another hamfisted attempt by the Drudge Report to undermine support for President Donald John Trump. A week ago, Matt Drudge was sure that the trade war with Red China was going to do The Donald in because the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down. A week before that Drudge had us in a recession not caused by Red China.

Drudge has linked and bannered stories about wars with Iran, North Korea and Syria, which never materialized.

I get that he has to link breaking news, but his continual selection of anti-Trump tripe trotted out by the Fourth Estate borders on desperation, and it diminishes and discredits Drudge. He needs to show a little more discretion.

Which is a shame because America needs an alternative to the corporate internationalists who aid and abet Red China in its quest for world dominance.

Today’s Doomsday by Drudge was a link to a Bloomberg News story/column/report/fairy tale, “Trump Could Be the Next George H.W. Bush.”

What fresh DNC debate is this?

President Trump could indeed be a one-term president. Voters will decide that next year. But one thing he will never, ever be: George H.W. Bush. President Trump won the presidency without riding on Reagan’s tail.

In fact, he won despite George H.W. Bush and his son Fredo. I mean, Jeb!

Nevertheless, Michael Bloomberg — the Napoleon of news — gave Professor Karl W. Smith space to make this inane argument. And Drudge made it news.

Smith began his piece with a lie.

He wrote, “Donald Trump is dangerously close to becoming the first Republican president since George H.W. Bush to raise taxes.”

What a liar.

Bill Clinton raised taxes before his inauguration by making his income tax hike of 1993 retroactive to that January 1 — 20 days before taking office.

And of course, President Trump has not raised taxes. He cut them. Substantially, including a 40% reduction in corporate taxes.

But Professor Smith meant President Trump raised tariffs, as if no one else has. All presidents do because tariffs and other economic sanctions advance foreign policy.



  1. Methos Methos October 21, 2019

    I’m done with Drudge… He’s just another shill for the Communists.

  2. JW Salthouse JW Salthouse October 21, 2019

    I have removed Drudge from my browser short cuts & favorite sites.

    • anon anon October 21, 2019

      Thank you, Patriot and God Bless.

  3. stephen gunter stephen gunter October 21, 2019

    I too have removed drudge from my bookmarks. Now I check out john b. wells news instead.

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