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Dr. Fauci and me

Last Saturday, I wrote a blog that focused on Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s leading medical expert, and his long background, especially as he shepherded the government’s four decade long war on HIV-AIDS. The article touched a deep nerve, helping to inspire a Washington Post article that ran yesterday:

As Trump signals readiness to break with experts, his online base assails Fauci.

A cadre of right-wing outlets is laying the groundwork for Trump to disregard experts on his own coronavirus task force.

For a time on Friday, the article was the second-most read at the Post’s website. It came on the heels of similar articles earlier in the week at POLITICO and BuzzFeed.

The author of the Post article, national political reporter and former Rhodes Scholar Isaac Stanley-Becker, confirmed the impact of my American Thinker blog:

Chowka’s piece has generated nearly 20,000 interactions on Facebook alone — more than the typical wellperforming story in the mainstream media.

Among the avalanche of responses to the Post’s article, one of the more polite, and printable, negative ones is this tweet by President Obama’s ambassador to Morocco, Marc Ginsberg:


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