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Delusional Hillary Clinton: Her endless Stalinist meddling in US elections

WASHINGTON. As a delusional Hillary Clinton forces herself on the public once again, it might be instructional to look back on the endgame of a remarkably similar political figure. Recall that as his life neared its end in 1953, 74-year-old Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s cerebral arteries hardened to the point of intensifying his own power-mad delusions.

According to Dr. Alexander Myasnikov, Stalin’s physician,

“In essence, a sick man ruled the state… Stalin’s cruelty and paranoia, his fear of enemies, his losing the ability to soberly assess people and events, as well as his extreme stubbornness, were all in large part the result of the atherosclerosis of the arteries in his brain.”

Today, it’s unclear if delusional Hillary suffers from atherosclerosis. But the former Secretary of State today sounds a lot like the cruel and paranoid Stalin at the end of his long reign of terror. And the sick narratives cascading from her cerebral arteries and their environs are successfully interfering with America’s electoral process.

Almost daily, Clinton busies herself by filling the empty heads of her sycophantic, fake-news media minions with more stories of Russia collusion. In her first Russia collusion hoax, delusional Hillary foisted a phony anti-Trump narrative on the country, fueled by Russian disinformation as contained in a dossier. More on that later.

Russian assets under every rock…


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