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Defend Florida group calls on Governor DeSantis to examine the technology behind voter fraud

By JD Rucker

A grassroots organization in Florida that is rapidly expanding throughout the nation is calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to focus his attentions on the technological aspects of voter fraud. Defend Florida is taking action to spread awareness that things are not okay and lawmakers must pay attention to the bigger issues. Patriotic tech CEO Raj Doraisamy joined us on the NOQ Report.

Florida has not been a focus for many patriots who believe the 2020 election was rife with widespread voter fraud. The reason is obvious: President Trump won Florida, so whether there was voter fraud there or not (there was), addressing it now will not help to correct the fraudulent presidential election.

The stance of not paying full attention to Florida is short-sighted, as I will note in an upcoming article. I touched on the reasons for this in the latest episode of NOQ Report in an interview with tech CEO Raj Doraisamy. He isn’t just the top guy at a variety of technology companies. He is also the leader of Defend Florida and Defend Our Union, two groups that are working on actions to address voter fraud in the last election while also preventing it in future elections.

One of the keys to the group’s movement is highlighting the technological aspect of voter fraud. This has been widely ignored by mainstream media, Big Tech, Democrats, and even many if not most Republican lawmakers. They have actively tried to debunk claims that digital manipulation of vote totals contributed to the fraudulent results. Oftentimes, we would see their debunking attempts manifest in circular reason; we do not need to seek evidence of digital manipulation of votes, they’d say, because we have not seen evidence of digital manipulation of votes.

The results have been denials, roadblocks, and outright obstruction of digital audits across the country. But As Doraisamy noted in this interview, they are making headway with Florida and other states to get the audits done. To do that, we will need to get support for those who are helping us.

“If a person doesn’t believe that their vote is honored, everything falls apart,” he said. “That’s the foundation for this entire system called America. And so, what we have done is, we have said in order to defend the state of Florida, a couple of things have to happen. Number one, we should realize that one person, like the Governor… no one person can do the job for us.

“So if we like the Governor, which I do, if we support the Governor, which I do, if we think the Governor is going a great job, which I do, our job is to make sure that there’s legislation backing him up,” Doraisamy continued.

The group is calling for transparency and audits, particularly as they surround the technology. Of supreme interest is the hackability of the voting and tabulation machines involved with the elections as well as the method of transit they used to get the data out to the public. On all of these fronts, there have not been sufficient examinations of potential ways the election could have been hacked. When a computer is connected to the internet, it’s vulnerable.

“We want accountability, transparency, and best practices,” he said. “If you have a machine that’s running and managing votes, that machine cannot be connected to the internet. Anything that’s connected to a network can be hacked. It doesn’t matter who put it out.”

Doraisamy and his colleagues are pressuring state legislators and members of the Governor’s staff to address the technological side of the equation. If they do not, things are not going to go the right way in future elections.

“We have found in the state of Florida that is not being done,” he continued. “We need best practices to be implemented, we need transparency, we need accountability, and we need it to happen right now because if it doesn’t, the outcome that you and I want for 2022 is not going to happen. We should not be naive.”

But their focus isn’t isolated to voter fraud. They are looking at defending our freedoms across the board, including fighting some of the restrictions we’ve lived through during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Small business owners are being targeted just because they cited their First Amendment rights as Americans, they’re being targeted,” he said.

As a nation, we need to lift the veil that Democrats, mainstream media, Big Tech, and even many Republicans have placed over election integrity. If we do not address technological voter fraud, integrity laws being implemented will not have an impact.

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