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DC Insider: Second Whistleblower is Source of First Whistleblower

Peter Van Buren, a former State Department Official and whistleblower himself, seemed completely certain last night when he declared the new Ukraine Whistleblower is actually the source of the first one.

Van Buren, who served 24 years in the State Department, claimed that the new whistleblower report reflects a classic CIA trick known as a feedback loop. Essentially, a feedback loop is the intentional creation of “evidence” justifying a claim created by the agency.

He told FOX’s Tucker Carlson:

The second whistleblower is actually the source for the first whistleblower which means it’s all the same thing. Now this is different in the Kavanaugh case when they sent Michael Avenatti out to find additional victims wherever he could… In fact he’s simply the source for the first whistleblower.

The CIA, this is an old trick. It’s called a feedback loop. And essentially what you do is you set up one of your sources to back up another source and you make it appear that your initial source is more credible by feeding information into the loop. That’s what seems to be going on here. They’re repurposing a witness as a second whistleblower.