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Breaking: Official Statement From Amador County Officials: Obama Whistleblower Philip Haney’s Death Appears to Be by “Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound”

DHS whistleblower Philip Haney died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot, according to a statement issued Saturday afternoon by the Office the Sheriff-Coroner for Amador County, California that cautions the investigation is “active and ongoing”. No final determination has been made.

Philip Haney was the co-author with Art Moore of the book, See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.

Haney’s body was found Friday morning by his car on a highway in Plymouth, California with a single gunshot. A firearm was reported found next to Haney.

Full statement:

On February 21, 2020 at approximately 1012 hours, deputies and detectives
responded to the area of Highway 124 and Highway 16 in Plymouth to the report
of a male subject on the ground with a gunshot wound. Upon their arrival, they
located and identified 66 year old Philip Haney, who was deceased and appeared to
have suffered a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound. A firearm was located next to
Haney and his vehicle. This investigation is active and ongoing. No further details
will be released at this time

Earlier Saturday, ministerial friends of Haney spoke about their recent meetings with him and their relevance to his death by gunshot.

“I am devastated to hear my dear friend Phil Haney has passed. I was texting with him on Wednesday and he had just returned from his sisters and was praising God for a breakthrough! I had prayed with him on Tuesday.”

“My friend Phil Haney was found shot yesterday in CA. I had lunch with him a month ago. He warned something could happen to him. He was to get married in a month. It will be falsely called a suicide.”



  1. Methos Methos February 23, 2020

    Yeah, the police made the report exactly as they were instructed. If you believe this was a genuine suicide, well, I’ve got this great bridge for sale…

  2. Doug Miller Doug Miller February 24, 2020

    Sure… like every other Arkancide victim, particularly the ones with TWO holes in their head from a “suicide”. We particularly remember the woman in Arkansas that was ruled a “suicide” when she had two holes in the BACK of her head. Everything has smelled since the mad sex pistols took over DC in ’92… even before that if you count all the victims near Mena and of Billy’s sexual escapades in Arkansas.

  3. Ed Neely Ed Neely February 24, 2020

    This was near the area where the Marshall suicide had occurred. The infrastructure could be in place .

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