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Barbers style their customers’ hair using tools attached to four-foot-long poles to avoid catching coronavirus

  • Hair stylists in China are spotted using poles wrapped with brushes and shavers
  • Hairdressers claim it is for the safety of the customers as well as themselves
  • China has advised its citizens to keep four feet away from one another in public
  • The novel coronavirus has killed 3,205 and infected over 93,500 people globally

Chinese barbers have come up with a creative way to style their clients’ hair whilst keeping a safe distance amid the coronavirus outbreak – by using tools attached to the end of long sticks.

Hairdressers wearing protective masks are captured on videos holding four-foot-long poles wrapped with brushes, shavers and hairdryers.

‘The tools don’t work as well as when you hold them in your hand, but this is for the safety [of us and the customers],’ Wu Junlong, a barbershop owner from Henan Province of central China, told the press.


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