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China and Big Tech threaten all the world’s citizens with Quantum AI Digital Brain Technologies on the coming 5G and 6G networks that can form an Artificial Super Intelligence sourced from your Bio-Metrics, controlling Drones, Machines, Robotics, and Microbots.


China and Big Tech threaten all the world’s citizens with Quantum AI Digital Brain Technologies on the coming 5G and 6G networks that can form an Artificial Super Intelligence sourced from your personal Bio-Metrics. What are the interconnections between AI, the U.S, China, Big Tech, and the world’s use of Facial Recognition, Bio-Metrics, Drones, Smart Phones, Smart Cities, IoT, VR, Mixed Reality, 5G, Robotics, Cybernetics, & Bio-Digital Social Programming? We will cover present, emerging, and future threats of Artificial Intelligence with Big Tech, including technology that can be used for assassination or to control humanity’s ability to have free-formed thoughts without AI Bio-Digital Social Programming. The book will cover Cyborgs, Super Intelligence, and how it can form, and in what ways it can travel undetected through The AI Global Network as it connects with the internet and the Human Bio-Digital Network. Companies such as Huawei, Facebook, Megvii Face++, and Google will be discussed. Over 50 entities will be explained and their interconnection with China. China, through Huawei, is laying the foundation to deploy AI, Machines, Robotics via the 5G network. They can enslave humankind through an Orwellian Surveillance State.


This book takes you to understand what Artificial Intelligence is, and step by step, it takes the average reader through a process to understand complicated concepts simplistically. Every human being has the same brain and the same capacity to access the abilities to think deep, and have insights that can better our world, safely. The AI Organization hopes the common person understands the coming age of AI, Robotics, and 5G, and the dangers it poses as well as the positives. We also hope, scientists and big tech take one step back and think to innovate AI, in a more responsible fashion using an algorithm that considers every possible angle, to safeguard life. We will discuss what type of risk management and the components of this algorithm in the book, as well as the cultural aspects of AI. This AI book is meant to safeguard humanity’s interest, and we hope it receives acceptance from all people, may you be liberal, conservative, religious, atheist, the government, media, or just a scientist doing what you cherish.

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About the Author 

Cyrus A. Parsa

Cyrus A. Parsa is the Founder and CEO of The AI Organization, Loyal Guardian Security and The Social Programming Institute. All created to assist in making our society safer and better. Cyrus has a Bachelor’s in International Security & Conflict Resolution and a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security. He is an expert in China-Iran affairs and has consulted on Human-Organ Tracking, Anti-Terrorism, Vulnerability, Risk, Asset Management and Emerging Threats to governments, agencies, people and organizations. He lived in the mountains of China with fighting monks as a youth. 20 years of hidden research, and development, with a network of thousands of Chinese and Westerners, allowed for great insight into the threats we face fromChina, Iran, and the Western inter-connectivity. Cyrus’s discoveries have led him to coin the new concepts of “The AI Global Bio-Digital Network, The Human Bio-Digital Network, Bio-Digital Social Programming, Bio-Digital Field, Bio-Matter, Rape-Mind, Bio-Digital Hybrid Sexual Assault & Micro-Botic Terrorism” to explain how the dangers we face, and all the trouble we find ourselves in, are rooted in these almost imperceptible elements that are now connecting with AI, Society, Smart Phones, IoT, and Robotics through one platform. Within this platform, Cyrus found extinction codes.

The AI Organization specializes in research, design, development, risk assessment and vulnerability consultation of Humanoid Robots, Micro-Botics, AI & Robotic Terrorism, AI Automated Drones, AI Automated Assassination Prevention, AI Bio-Engineering, AI Genetic Modification, AI Automated Cybernetics, AI Automated Cloning, AI Automated Animal-Human Hybrid System Detection, AI Automated Security Systems, AI Scanning Apparatus, AI Detection Apparatus, IoT, Smart Home, Smart City, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Alternate Reality Hologram Apparatus, The Human Bio-Digital Network, Bio-Digital Field, Bio-Matter, General Bio-Metrics, Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition, Human Body Detection Apparatus, Lidar, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (DL), (Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial Intelligence Nano-Technology, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Super Intelligence, the AI Global Bio-Digital Network and Military, Political and Governmental AI Risk & Operating Procedures for Prevention, Emergency & Response.



  1. Malikail57 Malikail57 February 9, 2020

    How can something that does not exist and probably is not possible with our current technology be a threat? There is no AI, these are “Expert Systems” and they are not working for the benefit of the people.


    T H E WORST ordering button EVER

  3. Marsha Marsha February 19, 2020

    “Worst”?? No issues here …

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