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AOC is on a Mission to Oust Moderate Democrats Pushing the Party to Ultra-Far-Leftism – & Challenge Pelosi for Supremacy

AOC threatened Democrats (last February) that worked with Republicans – no one took her seriously. Well, they are now. Moderates are finding themselves facing primary challenges in 2020. (True Conservative Pundit)

Apparently AOC made a list, and she for sure checked it twice.

From The Daily Sheeple:

At the time, her more seasoned colleagues assumed such rhetoric would abate once she learned how Congress operates. Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.), for example, gave her the benefit of the doubt: “She’s new here, feeling her way around. She doesn’t understand how the place works yet.” Presumably, Shrader was disabused of this fantasy when he found his name among the 24 House Democrats who will soon be “primaried” by candidates backed by two political action committees linked to AOC.

AOC’s former chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti co-founded two political action committees (PAC): Brand New Congress, and the Justice Democrats, sound familiar?  These two groups work together closely, and are looking to oust 24 House Democrats.  The Dems that are targeted are either moderates and/or have done something to incur the wrath of AOC.

Anyone AOC deems to be not “progressive” enough, is on the chopping block.  House members may not have taken this flamboyant and opinionated Congresswoman seriously, but no one is laughing now.

In fact, the only person who has raised more money then AOC (3.5 million) in the current campaign cycle is Nancy Pelosi (3.7 million).  Pelosi has only raised around $350,000 more than AOC has.  AOC also refuses to lend her considerable fund raising apparatus to support Democrats she deems unworthy, and lately has even refused to support her own party (House Democratic campaign committee), drawing the ire of many fellow Democrats.

According to The Daily Sheeple, AOC and her associated PACs have been busy working towards their goals:

It’s clear that AOC, working with Brand New Congress and the Justice Democrats, intends to use her ephemeral influence to transform the Democratic Party into something resembling the socialist parties that mismanage most of the “democratic” governments of Europe. Their first major step in that direction was to unseat several incumbent Democrats, including Reps. Mike Honda (D-Calif.), Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) and Michael Capuano (D-Mass.). The next step is to purge the few remaining so-called “moderates” from the party.

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One Comment

  1. Jack Jack January 15, 2020

    Good for her! I’m hoping she succeeds in which case at least 60 percent of the Demicrats and Indepndents who vote Democrat will leave the party, maybe even form their own party! You go girl! You kill that nasty old Democrat party for us! Hell. If she keeps this up I might even send her a donation!

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