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“Antifa Clearly Led the Attack. That Was Utterly Obvious.” – Award Winning Journalist Michael Yon On the Capital Protest

By Joe Hoft

Award winning journalist Michael Yon was at the US Capitol on January 6th and he claims the provocateurs at the event were clearly Antifa.

We last saw Yon at the protests in Hong Kong.  He forwarded us pictures and a video of the events there in July 2019.  Yon was inside Hong Kong’s Legislative Building the night protesters there damaged the building.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hong Kong Protesters Storm Legislative Council Building – Stunning Video From Inside – Protests Continue Against China

Yon was also at the US Capitol on January 6th.  Yon shared the following:

What we’ve seen so far and being physically present, Antifa clearly led the attack.  That was utterly obvious.  For instance outside during part of the attack, when there was much gas fired and rubber bullets, I’m not sure about that.  They were throwing flash bangs, that’s clear we were right there.  There was a lady on the mega phone saying ‘send up the mask, send up the mask’.  She said it over and over and so on our video and others, that’s a clear Hong Kong tactic that I’ve never seen in any other war and conflict.  Which is Hong Kongers would constantly say, send up water, send up mask, send up shields.”

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  1. JOHN W JOHN W January 13, 2021

    The Media, Democrats, and Rino’s get it wrong again for the last 4 plus years! Jump to blame President Trump for every thing gone bad, even when they orchestrate it! This was a set up, and a lot of People should go to Prison! but, as usual, nothing will become of it even when they prove who did instigate it and follow it through! There is a special place for these lying, miserable Criminal Traitor’s, and if there is a such a thing as justice anymore, I hope they get there! God Bless Donald Trump! No one has suffered the abuse and lies by these low life scum more than him in our American History!

  2. Child of God Child of God January 14, 2021

    Very informative. Thank you.

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